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My daughter is a huge fan of collectables, anything that comes in a blind bag and has lots to collect is her thing. She takes great delight in having huge collections and trying to find a pack with rare collectable inside, the look of pure delight on her face as she opens a pack she has picked out is just magical…and when Flush Force turned up, I just knew it was Bemma all over!

What is this collectable? Why is there a toilet? It is no secret that I am scared of toilets, a genuine real life fear. Ever since I was tiny I just couldn’t stand to be in a room with a toilet and it’s something as an adult I’m struggling to deal with. But one thing that I am really keen to do is to make sure my children don’t ever pick up on my fear. So what could be better to reinforce that toilets aren’t always scary…flush to reveal technology that has never been seen on a toy before.

There is a few different products from the range, but lets start with the Flush  Force Number 2. This toilet comes wrapped up so you have no idea what’s inside. Unwrap the outer plastic wrapping, but make sure you have keep the question mark covering in tact…

This product brings a whole new meaning to opening a surprise, gone are the days of unripping a bag, instead you fill up the cistern with water and give it a shake to flush the toilet, and the covering goes soft…

You can then stick your fingers in and discover what’s inside! Bemma didn’t hesitate in getting right inside that toilet to see what was lurking inside.

Inside is 2 characters, and if the water changes colour that means you have a rare character.

There is over 150 characters to collect (including rare and super rare flushies!) but with these only costing £2.99 each they are perfect pocket money toys, and Bemma already has her next toy shop visit planned…

Next up is the Flush Force Filthy 5 Pack.

With an RRP of £5.99 (again, reasonable!) you get one toilet but five characters inside it to add to your collection. This was one that really made Bemma smile, she got green water inside her toilet, which meant there was a rare clogger inside! Other options of characters inside include squishy Squirmin Vermin, colour changing Grimy Grubs or unflushable Putrid Parts!

Bemma’s favourite character so far! A Skuzzy Fuzzy!

If you’re looking for something with the wow factor, the Flush  Force Bizarre Bathroom 8 Pack does just that! This includes two toilets but you get a whopping 8 characters inside this one. For £10.99 this is such a reasonable price and the package is big and impressive.

Finally, the one that is currently sat on my kitchen table and the one that everyone is mildly amused/freaked out by, the Flush Force Collect-A-Bowl.

This is the perfect home for all your flushies, it has enough room inside for 50+ flushies, and it must be every parents saviour, storage! No more lost toys. But it’s not just a toilet storage case, it has a handle just like a proper toilet and when you press it you get flush sounds and even some fart noises! Bemma thinks this is utterly hilarious and of course, has been blaming me for the noises coming from it. The RRP is £14.99 but I would buy this just for a funky place to store them.

As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a free app (free is possibly my most favourite word when it comes to apps) which means your child can explore Flushville, play games and lots more. Check out www.theflushforce.com for more details and to see the whole range.

You can buy the range from all good toy shops, including Smyths, Toys R Us, Argos, The Entertainer, ASDA, Sainsburys and ToyMaster to name just a few…



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