My Little Pony Sparkle Globe Maker Review

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A few weeks ago we made an exciting trip to the cinema to see the most anticipated film of the year for Emma, My Little Pony The Movie. It was action packed, with adorable ponies who save the day (standard day for My Little Ponies), but just before the film started an advert for the My Little Pony Sparkle Globe Maker came on the big screen. Emma immediately knew she needed it for Christmas, but Christmas came early for her when it arrived for review (Thanks Sambro, you guys rock!).

Inside the box is everything you need to make two Sparkle Globes. You get two glitter globes, you get two characters (Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash), 4 tubes of different coloured glitters, special sheets of scene pieces, and finally the snow station for you to construct your globes. The only thing you need to complete this activity is water from your tap.

Making them is really easy, and Emma loved picking what character she wanted to put on the base, before decorating the base with the scene pieces.

I added the base into the glitter globes to make sure it was locked in tight (as water goes inside) and then once it is locked in place you can pop your Glitter Globe onto the snow station ready to make it snowy and glittery! Using the funnel included, simply open the top of the globe, and add some glitter, not too much as you can add more later.

Then add the water until it’s near the top, and then simply pop the stopper back in and your Glitter Globe is ready. Using the bottom spinner of the globe you can spin your character inside to spin the glitter around inside.

Emma loved creating her globes, and they are easily reusable too, once you get bored you can empty the water, change the scenes and do it all again. The Snow station has a handy drawer to store all your scene pieces too, handy.

You can buy your own My Little Pony Sparkle Globe Maker from all good toy shops now, the perfect Christmas gift.


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