Goodbye 2016, Hello to 2017.

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So 2016 is almost over, and I am pretty pleased to see the back of it. Although  I always try and look on the positive side of things, this year has just been a bit horrid in terms of my own mental state. I spent a good portion of the year depressed, feeling like a black cloud was stuck right over my head suffocating me. I just couldn’t find a way out. I also spent the first 9 months of the year on a diet, feeling frustrated when the pounds didn’t drop as quick as I liked. I was obsessed and had tried again and again to get back on meal replacement, and failed each time. Were the two things linked? Possibly, although it didn’t feel like it at the time. It felt like I was depressed because I couldn’t manage to lose the weight.

But then something clicked in my head, and told me to stop dieting, stop counting those syns, stop getting on those scales daily, stop being an idiot and spending my whole life obsessed with wanting a treat but knowing that if I eat it I wouldn’t lose weight. So I started eating all the treats, literally ALL of the treats. I have found that taking that pressure off of myself has helped lift my spirits and I feel a million times happier, even though I did have a bit of a sad face yesterday when I struggled to do my ‘fat jeans’ up. EEEP. But I am happier, and that is the bigger picture. The kids much prefer me happy and content, if a little chubby, and their happiness is more important than my jeans doing up.

So my plan for 2017 is going to be a simpler one. I am going to keep a weekly diary on the blog, but I am not going to deny myself treats. I am hoping that now I am mentally in a happier place, that this won’t change and that it will actually help me. I will try and make healthier choices, and will be meal planning to help with finances too. The big step I am taking is by upping my exercise again, hoping that the endorphin from exercise will make me even happier. I figure fitness is more important, so I will only being weighing once a month but trying to increase my fitness more than anything. I don’t really have a name for it at the moment, maybe my Happy Healthy Diary 2017, it’s a work in progress!


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But until then, here is to a good Christmas 2016. *dives into a tub of celebrations*


Happy Healthy 2017

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