Week One of Water Babies Baby Swimming course.

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Baby Emma was just 9 weeks old on Monday when she had her first ever Water Babies lesson. I was keen to get her swimming as soon as possible, as I know from previous experience how beneficial it is to both the child and the parent.

The thought of attending my first lesson was mixed emotions, I was nervous but also very excited. Emma has only ever been in the bath before, the thought of taking her into a swimming pool was scary, what if she hated it? It also meant I had to squeeze my bum into a swimming costume, an even scarier prospect (for me, and the poor people who would have to share that experience).

Reaching the venue for Emma’s first lesson, the Water Babies instructor from Oxford Water Babies was on hand to talk me through what I needed to do. I felt at ease with her warm welcome. As it turns out I was not the only new person there, there had also only been one previous lesson we missed.  Emma was asleep on arrival at the pool, but a gentle waking, and she woke up happy. I decided to try and time her feeds so that she had a feed an hour and a half before the swim, so she wouldn’t be hungry or just full of milk as she is a bit of a sicky baby.

Emma was all ready for her first dip..

waterbabies outfit

Getting into the pool, Emma looked a bit puzzled. The Water Babies instructor told us how to give the babies tight cuddles to reassure them. It worked and Emma even cracked a few smiles! The first lesson was all about getting the babies used to the water. We sung songs with them (again, some great smiles) and we even done Emma’s first underwater swim! It was a magical moment….. for me that is, it didn’t seem to bother her at all! So far she is a natural waterbaby! Roll on lesson two!

To find your nearest Water Babies course, simply visit www.waterbabies.co.uk 

We are swimming with Water Babies Oxford.


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    She’s beautiful! I am glad you both enjoyed it.

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