40 days and 40 nights….

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No not the film, get that vision out of your head right now…..yes Josh Hartnett is a bit of eye candy…..but I am actually talking about Lent. While I am not religious, it has the same idea as Lent, me giving up some of my most favourite treats. So for the next 40 days I shall be giving up some of my most favourite food things.

This idea came about when Liz at Cambridge Mummy announced how she is giving up cake, chocolate and biscuits. It made me think, what are my weaknesses. Well I have many, the list could get quite long. I live for chocolate, I will shamefully admit I eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. So this is a big deal, a huge deal, one I am fearing will end in disaster.

chocolae egg and spoons

Then there is white bread. Now I like white fluffy bread, a crusty baguette, a bagel, a soft white ham sandwich with lashings of butter, I am drooling at the thought. But it’s unhealthy and I eat far too much of it, so that is on the list too.

Then there is cheese, I love cheese. Melted cheese is worse, in fact as I typing this, nachos has sprung to mind. So that’s on the list too, along with Baked Enchiladas. Enchiladas are my most favourite dinner, ever. We eat them a good few times a week, with 500g (yes 500g!!) of cheese over them. They are on the list.

Sweets, I like sugar, a sugar kick is needed when you are a tired mummy. However, I don’t need to tell you that they rot your teeth, and my teeth could do with out rotting, so they too are on the list. However, marshmallows, are they sweets? They are fat free…I may have to investigate marshmallows a bit deeper.

So my list is:


Cheesy Nachos

Enchiladas, this includes even a little bit cheesy enchiladas, and non-cheesy enchiladas. No enchiladas shall pass my lips.

Sweets. Although fat free marshmallows may be exempt…if someone confirms my suspicions that those white and pink balls of fluffiness are in fact not sweets at all.

So today is the 15th Feburary 2013. That brings my date of freedom to 20th March. Until then, adiós my cheesy baked tortilla wraps, see you on the other side…


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