Budgeting January

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January for many people is a struggling month where they recover from the financial strain of Christmas. It also is the first month of the year and many people have resolutions where they get their finances in order, or even where they start saving for next Christmas. Personally I don’t save for the next Christmas, but I do buy presents throughout the year when I see a bargain that I know one of the children would love.

I like to think I am pretty savvy when it comes to money and saving money. I am self employed so I have to be on top of my finances, as well as being a little squirrel who hides her nuts away for the winter. I do have credit cards, but I use these responsibly with direct debits set up. But why do that I hear you ask, why not just use your bank account? Well I have a cashback credit card so I earn cashback on my purchases. It appears I am not alone in this, with the BBC reporting they are on the rise. But how do you know which credit card has the best rate or the best features? Some people use theirs to collect airmiles, so they can jet off on Holiday. Totallymoney.com have a site where you can compare credit card deals and find the right one for you and your needs.

This year I plan to use the cashback I earn from my credit cards to give myself a little treat. All my money goes primarily on the children, and I cannot justify expensive purchases for myself. But cashback is extra money, money I haven’t budgeted, so I can buy this…

pink satchel

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