Baby Swimming, my experience.

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Emma may only be 6 weeks old, but I am already thinking about starting her swimming lessons soon. Marky was not much older than that when he started his, and he loved them for quite some time. My reason for starting so young was because I didn’t want him to get a phobia of water, my older children were a nightmare as toddlers when it came to washing their hair and I was keen to avoid that.

marky swimming

                Marky swimming

I remember the first day I took Marky to his first swimming lesson, and in all honesty I have those fears this time too. I have to get changed and into a swimming costume and walk around in front of other women. Lots of people told me last time that everyone would be in the same position as me, post natal and carrying a few extra pounds. Some of the ladies were, but some of them wasn’t, one woman was so toned and my baby was older than hers! But I suppose there is always one who looks like they have never eaten a cream cake…

splash about

Within our first year of baby swimming, Mark’s confidence really grew in the water. He was swimming underwater before he could even walk. My fears for the pool hygiene was reduced massively when I saw that not only do all the babies wear swimming nappies, but they have to wear a Splash About Happy Nappy too. Then on top of that, he wore a cute warmsuit.

splash about 2

This keeps everything contained, so no accidents can float into the pool, thus keeping a cleaner pool environment. I can’t wait to have a pink one this time for Baby Emma!

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    He’s so adorable, I am thinking of taking my daughter swimming for the first time. Do you recommend any tips?

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