Pregnancy Diary: 41 Weeks. Overdue but the end is insight!

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I won’t lie, it can be rather depressing to not be here with my newborn bundle of gorgeousness. Lots of people due around the same time as me, and even some after, have had their babies already and yet I am still here with a big belly (and I am talking VERY big).

So today is Wednesday, the community midwife only comes to town once a week and that is a Wednesday. Everything is pretty much the same as yesterday when I was discharged from hospital. But I am a little more dilated (YAY!) and still they are sure I don’t need any prostin, just my waters breaking. She measured the massive bump and I am measuring 45 weeks. But here is where it gets awful….I have low iron levels and will need to have an IV when giving birth as I cannot afford to lose any blood. She rang my local hospital which I was admitted to this week, and they won’t accept me. Too busy apparently…despite the empty rooms and beds. So after a row of midwife’s on the phone, the local hospital (which is still 12 miles away) say tough, and that I have to go to a further away hospital, one which is 35.4 miles away with a motorway route (yes, I have route planned it). But after the midwife rings them, explains I have a large baby on board and need an IV for labour….they can’t get me in until next Wednesday!

But the end is in sight and that feels ruddy great. This time next week I shall be going in, and won’t be coming home until the baby is born. I currently have back ache and belly ache, midwife done a ‘ruddy good stir up’ (her words) and the student one did too, well they have to learn somehow. I could sit here and cry, but I know that’s not productive for me or baby, so I am reminding myself that as long as she is healthy (albeit a little overcooked) I will be a very happy mummy this time next week!

Oh and I leave you with a lovely picture my hubby took when I was in hospital contracting on Monday night….enjoy! (and yes, I will get him back one day…..) Oh and I am off to dig out the bigger baby-gros too just in case that bump is all baby!!!

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  1. LauraH says:

    Looking fab for a week over due hun. Hopefully the little monkey will be out before next week. Fingers are crossed
    Miss you xx

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