Poppy Cat Jubilee Celebrations on Nick Jr.

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The popular pre-school series, Poppy Cat – starring the voice of Welsh beauty, Joanna Page – is kicking off the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations with two special episodes airing on Nick Jr from 2.30pm on 2nd June 2012.

The episode titled ‘Castle Queen’ features Poppy Cat undertaking an extraordinary adventure in a balloon to find a castle with her friends. On the journey they discover the ‘Sandy Salty Beach’ and a castle in the form of a giant sandcastle. Alma (Poppy’s excitable rabbit friend) is eager to be Queen and plant her flag, but they are delayed by Chef Lobster (Egbert) who insists they eat spaghetti seaweed at his restaurant. With the tide threatening the castle, will Alma ever plant her flag at the top or will she relinquish her queen status to spend a fun day at the beach with her friends?

This episode of Poppy Cat will then be followed by another Poppy Cat Jubilee special, ‘Sunken Ship’ at 2.40pm, which sees Poppy and her friends wanting to make a giant gold Queen statue. They have heard about a sunken ship filled with gold, so off they go in a submarine to find the riches of the royals. They discover a treasure chest but things don’t go to plan as a giant squid is guarding it. Poppy cleverly figures out a way for them to get to the treasure chest, but it wasn’t exactly what they had in mind – the chest is full of rubber ducks…but the friends agree that a statue made from rubber ducks is even better than one made from gold!

Poppy Cat is based on the award-winning book series created by Lara Jones that has sold more than 2.5 million copies worldwide since first being published in 2003. It encourages pre-schoolers to use their imagination as a way to solve problems and pursue their goals. The stories of Poppy Cat also focus on friendship, and on social and emotional themes, which are relevant and familiar to pre-schoolers. But above all, Poppy Cat is about Making Adventures Extraordinary!

Poppy Cat also airs every Saturday and Sunday at 7am on ITV1 and CITV. For more information on the pre-school series, please visit www.poppycat.com, or become a fan of Poppy Cat’s on Facebook (www.facebook.com/officialpoppycat) or Twitter (www.twitter.com/PoppyCat_).


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