A bigger house, a bigger move!

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I love my house, but at the same time I am starting to hate it. I hate the location and wish I could pick it up and move it elsewhere. I also have a strong desire to live in the country. Now with another baby on the way, we need to move house and I want this next house move to be perfect for us all as a family.

At the moment we live in a 3 bedroom house. It is about 5 years old from new, and I love the luxury of having 3 bathrooms and in particular my en-suite! I also love that there is no DIY needed. As I have three children, two share one bedroom, and one has their own. With a fourth child coming, I am keen to have another bedroom!

Call me insane, but I have this vision of living in the countryside, where the children have a nice big garden to play in. My eldest loves the garden and I would love him to be able to have the chickens he desires, as well as the vegetable patch and shed to tinker in! He loves getting grubby in the garden, exploring for bugs and making them houses and I love him being out in the fresh air, where as we live in a busy town with polluted air. My dream sounds amazing doesn’t it?

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Now I know not every dream is possible, but I really believe this one is achievable.  I work from home, so it doesn’t matter where in the country I live. However hubby does have a secure full time job with decent pay. Moving house would mean he would have to search for a new job and possibly have a period of unemployment while he find the right job, which is worrying as with 3 children to feed and cloth not to mention the household bills, it’s a daunting decision.  I have been brushing up his CV aka Curriculum vitae, which is easier than I first thought it would be. Hopefully with this he shall get lots of interviews and ultimately the perfect job he will be happy in.

Moving 120 miles away is a daunting prospect, but I yearn for the country life.


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  1. Becky says:

    I think you’re onto a winning idea with moving to the countryside, having grown up surrounded by lush green-ness & fresh air I thoroughly praise having nature close to hand. Which little patch of the UK are you hoping to sit back & relax in? 🙂 x

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