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>It has been a few weeks now since our post http://www.blogbybaby.com/2012/01/potty-training-introduction-with.html, and I thought I would let you all know how we are getting on.

Luckily for us, Marky is very vocal and has a good range of words, so when he announced ‘Wanna go toilet please’, I knew that I had to seize this opportunity with both hands! The first time he announced this was at Christmas when we were at family. So without any potty training devices to hand, I balanced him on the toilet. This is when all the potty training from my previous two children came flooding back. My first thoughts were ‘Will he feel comfortable?’ ‘What if he slips down the toilet, will this cause a fear of the toilet?’. Luckily he sat there holding onto me, and done a wee. Lots of praise later and he decided that was where he wanted to remain for most of the day. He obviously thought this was a very exciting new game!!

In the new year, we were lucky to be sent a whole potty training kit from Bambino Mio. Included was a miopotty, two pairs of training pants, miostep – a step and a mioseat – trainer seat.
I started off by introducing Marky to the whole range to see what was his favourite, but I was keen to try him on the potty first, as this is normally the first step before an actual toilet visit.

The Miopotty is a lovely clean white colour with a hint of lilac, perfect for a boy or a girl! It has a rubber rim base to help stop any slips, especially useful on laminate I have found! Being a boy, my floors benefit from the  high front, as this stops any splashes, or in Markys case-direct wees out of the potty!!!
Marky was very proud of his potty and found it comfortable to use…

However, for some reason our flying start at Christmas had hit a standstill. Mark just wouldn’t wee on the potty. He would sit there and say weewee, then get up and wee on the floor which would result in him screaming his head off. I honestly think he was scared of his willy! He would point at it and scream, even when in the bath! It’s never bothered him before, so I couldn’t work out why….maybe he just became more aware that it was there and what it was for? Either way I had no idea how to deal with this, and hoped it would be a phase that passed….so back we went into nappies.

That was a few weeks ago, and Mark doesn’t seem scared of his willy any more thankfully. So this morning I have resumed Potty Training Central, I have taken the school holidays as the perfect time to Potty Train.

We started off with a flying start, Marky done a weewee on the potty, and got lots of praise. He then decided to sit there for about half an hour despite me encouraging him to do some colouring…

This could take longer than I anticipated!!

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  1. Lorraine Cooper says:

    >Go Marky! We're having good days & bad days. Some days she's happy to wee on it, straight away, and wants to wear pants. The next she doesn't want to know & is all about the nappies. Arghj!

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