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>Getting our Quinnycasting pushchair has been a long journey.
But last month Quinny decided to reveal to us all what pushchair we would be testing out. They asked for our childrens date of births, and they later revealed this is how they decided who would be testing which pushchair. The older children got a Quinny Yezz and the youngest 10 got the Quinny Moodd, along with anyone who was pregnant. As Mark was 20 months, we were told we would be receiving the Quinny Yezz.

Here is what Quinny say about the Yezz….

Smart. Compact. Ultra lightweight.
Make the city your playground with the unique Quinny Yezz. Designed using the latest technology and lightest materials, this strong, durable and easy to use buggy is ideal for tackling every challenge in the city.
The Quinny Yezz is the first buggy made entirely of IXEF®, a high performance injection molded composite glass fiber. This means it not only has an extremely lightweight frame, but also a strong one. The fabric used for the seat is a rip-stop material, similar to parachute fabric, very light, strong and comfortable. The style and design of the wheels on the Quinny Yezz are based on skate wheels, making the buggy extremely easy to maneuver and smooth to push with their free rolling action.
The Quinny Yezz gives you the freedom to be in complete control of every situation, and when not in use, the comfortable shoulder strap makes light work of carrying it over the shoulder, leaving both of your hands free. Experience the city, your way. 

Quinny Yezz:
  • So light and compact that you can easily carry the Quinny Yezz easily over your shoulder with the strap
  • Incredibly easy one-step fold and unfold action
  • Compact size when folded (68,5 x 27 x 23,5 cm) and lightweight (5kg)
  • When folded, the Yezz stands upright alone
  • Very manouvrable using unique skate wheels
  • Includes storage pocket (max. 2 kg) and sun canopy
  • Suitable from 6 months

 The Quinny Yezz arrived to us just before Christmas and the box was tiny!

I found it quite hard to unfold the pushchair, although the system is easy, at the moment it is quite stiff. This may change with time.

You then have to fit the seat unit onto the frame. It’s just a case of popping the clasps onto the frame in a few places. Being a wimpy girl it was really hard to pop the catches on, but a bit of brute force (or a strong man) and it’s sorted. It is quite reassuring, I know for a fact that the seat unit won’t detach from the frame despite my son squirming around while strapped in.

Mark was keen to help out with the assembling….

Marky was keen to try out his Yezz, and found it particuarly useful to use as a step (this is not safe and I do not recommend letting your child do this, but it was very funny!)

Mark couldn’t wait to get inside, and being the height it is, he climbed in easily by himself….

There is 3 different shoulder strap settings, and ours is on the highest one. But there isn’t any additional crotch strap settings, so we have to have the straps longer to allow it to get underneath Marks bum.
When he is strapped in he is secure, but the crotch strap could do with being longer or having another setting to make it easier for those bulky winter coats!

Here is the front of the Quinny Yezz assembled….

I have found the Quinny Yezz perfect for the school run, its light and nippy. However it’s not very ideal for a trip to the shops due to the handle bars, and although there is a little pocket on the back which is perfect for a few emergency nappies and wipes and even a bottle of juice, there is no way you could get a load of bread inside it!

I have previously owned the Quinny Zapp, which was my saviour when Mark was in his stage 1 MaxiCosi Cabrio car seat, as it slotted on top with no need of waking him. It was perfect for those quick trips into the doctors, hospital and tescos! However the downside is that the Quinny Yezz is not able to accommodate the car seat.
I have found the Quinny Yezz to feel very similar to the Zapp, it handles remarkably similar to the Zapp. It’s easy to turn in tight spaces and is light to push. It is the perfect town pushchair!

So how do those scooter wheels handle?
Well for flat paths and road they are a dream, they glide along. But they don’t like rough terrain, especially pot holed paths. It is also not too keen on drains, as I found out when I got stuck down some!  It also is not suitable for mud, but the Quinny Yezz wasn’t made for these conditions, it really is an urban pushchair.

The Quinny Yezz is perfect for keeping in the boot of the car, for those emergency situations when your child might want a little ride instead of walking. I have the smallest car for carrying 3 children around, so to me it is great for not taking up much space in my boot.
I also think it will be a brilliant pushchair to take to the airport, as it is so small I would be allowed to put it in hand luggage, which means no carrying my son through the terminal.

Keep your eyes peeled for more adventures with the Quinny Yezz!

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