Flush Force – New Toy Range!

Feb 09, 2018 No Comments by

My daughter is a huge fan of collectables, anything that comes in a blind bag and has lots to collect is her thing. She takes great delight in having huge collections and trying to find a pack with rare collectable inside, the look of pure delight on her face as she opens a pack she […]

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What To Buy A Child Who Has Everything?

Jan 17, 2018 No Comments by

With two of my children having Birthday’s super close to Christmas, it’s always hard to know what to buy them. They have usually made their Santa requests ages ago, and that doesn’t leave much else that they want. Not a bad thing, I hear you say, but what do you buy a child who doesn’t […]

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Disney Cars 3 – RC Ultimate Jackson Storm

Dec 22, 2017 No Comments by

Cars 3 is out now on DVD, so fans will love that there is a range of RC replica cars out so they can carry out their very own adventures in real life! Getting our hands on the RC Ultimate Jackson Storm my 7 year old couldn’t wait to whizz him around our house. Opening […]

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The BEST Family Games for Christmas 2017

Dec 12, 2017 No Comments

Christmas for me is all about family time, a time when no one has to rush off to work and you get to just spend good quality time together enjoying each others company. Growing up we would have a huge family celebration around my Nan and Grandads house, and the whole family would get involved. […]

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CogniToys Dinosaur Review

Dec 08, 2017 No Comments

My kids absolutely adore an interactive toy, to be able to get something back from a toy makes them smile, but usually it’s not much more than a bark of a dog. But then CogniToys Dinosaur turned up and changed the whole word of toys completely! CogniToys have created something so clever, that your child […]

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Flying Tiger Christmas Decorations

Dec 07, 2017 No Comments

What could possibly make Christmas any more exciting for my almost 5 year old? She is obsessed with turtles and tortoises, and I knew when I saw a sneak peek a few months ago on Flying Tiger that Bemma would LOVE a her very turtle for the Christmas tree. The lovely folk representing Flying Tiger […]

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DC Super Hero Girls Goodies This Christmas!

Dec 06, 2017 No Comments

I adore DC Super Hero Girls, I think everything they stand for is brilliant. Some positive, strong female role models, showing that girls don’t need to be saved, they can do the saving all by themselves. So when this little bundle of goodies turned up there was SO much excitement in the house. Both my […]

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Unicone – Rainbow Swirl Maker Review

Dec 01, 2017 No Comments

What’s better than a unicorn? A unicorn that can poop a rainbow of course! And what’s better than a rainbow pooping unicorn? Edible rainbow poop! That’s exactly what Unicone can do, it is a super cute unicorn that you use real icing to create some special edible rainbow swirls. Last week we got our hands […]

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My Little Pony Sparkle Globe Maker Review

Nov 23, 2017 No Comments

A few weeks ago we made an exciting trip to the cinema to see the most anticipated film of the year for Emma, My Little Pony The Movie. It was action packed, with adorable ponies who save the day (standard day for My Little Ponies), but just before the film started an advert for the […]

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