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Oasis Mighty Drops…Mighty Delicious!

Aug 13, 2014 No Comments by

I am sure you are all aware of Oasis, the non carbonated drink you can buy in bottles. There is no doubting their deliciousness, but what if you don’t have room to cart lots of bottles around with you? As a mum to four children, my car, bags and pushchair is always awash with those […]

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Keeping the kids entertained this summer… for less

Aug 12, 2014 No Comments by

According to The Daily Mail, 58% of parents worry about keeping their kids entertained over the summer break. They’re also concerned about breaking the bank, thanks to expensive holiday activities – but is there a way to fulfil the first aim without spending a fortune? An ideal solution for hard-pressed parents One way of dealing […]

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Do You Have Spare Nectar Points? Double Them Up Quick!

Aug 11, 2014 No Comments by

If you have a Nectar card, you will know just how easy it is to accumulate Nectar points without even realising. Collecting them can be done at Sainsburys, Homebase and BP. You don’t even need to leave your house though, because you can also collect points at a range of retailers including eBay. Yes, those […]

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A New Chapter Begins #ProjectSkinnyPins

Jul 30, 2014 No Comments

So I have officially lost 19lb, which is awesome, but after much soul searching, I have decided it’s time to start a new chapter, a chapter of healthy eating and exercise. Yet again, I find myself having to explain myself to people, but people seem to get it. I think they are used to me […]

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Tell Me Mummy….Why Is A Tomato A Fruit?

Jul 29, 2014 No Comments

This week, joining in with the lovely Liz from ‘Hart of the Munchkin Patch’, we are discussing those burning questions that kiddies ask, the ones that leave you wanting to shout ‘IT JUST IS!’. Children are curious little things….and more than often they leave me wondering things too! So Marky says to me ‘Mum, why […]

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6 Weeks Down….#projectskinnypins

Jul 24, 2014 1 Comment

It’s been six weeks that I have been doing Sole Source with CWP. I would like to point out, this is my personal journey, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I am not a medical professional, so I advise you contact a professional if you are thinking of doing it. With the boring stuff […]

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#projectskinnypins It’s Been A Month Update

Jul 19, 2014 1 Comment

I won’t lie, it has been an emotionally tough month which  I won’t bore you with, and as a result it has really pushed me to the limit with dieting. Normally when I am stressed, I eat. I find comfort in carbs, chocolate and pretty much anything covered in melted cheese. So when last week […]

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Week Three Begins of #projectskinnypins

Jul 05, 2014 No Comments

So after week two, I was feeling a little hmm about it all. I had been super good, but I stupidly self weighed and I didn’t see any difference on the scales. I made a promise to myself that if the scales didn’t show a 2lb loss, then I would pack it in. But I […]

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Week Two Weigh In, Week Three Looms!

Jul 01, 2014 No Comments

So after a second week of Cambridge Weight Plan, I was struggling with not filling my face, I had my dreaded weigh in…I arrived to my afternoon weigh in, nervous but hopeful. Stepping on those scales, I saw the number 12 and smiled. Yes, I have made it down to 12 stone 12! Woop! OK, […]

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