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A New Dieting Journey Commences #projectskinnypins

Jan 31, 2015 No Comments by

Last year was the start of my dieting journey, I had decided that enough was enough and I needed to lose weight. I wasn’t myself, I needed an overhaul and decided that CWP was the way forward for me. I lost 2 stone, but it was hard…and maybe just not for me. I like food, […]

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My Top Five Photo Products

Jan 29, 2015 No Comments by

With my Panasonic TZ55 camera I have produced some lovely pictures, and what better way to show them off is with some fabulous products that incorporate them. With our family being all over the UK, they miss out on the children growing so much, so pictures are a great way to keep them updated. Which […]

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Two Weeks With No Mobile Phone

Jan 22, 2015 1 Comment by

Can you imagine two days with no mobile phone? Sounds hard, right? Well imagine two whole weeks with no mobile phone. You could call this a social experiment, but reality is my HTC One M8 phone broke back in the first week of January and ever since I have had no mobile phone. I won’t […]

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Be the Coolest Mum Around: Win an iPhone 6

Nov 21, 2014 20 Comments

It’s hard to keep up with the latest kids trends these days. It used to be memorising your child’s favourite TV characters would be enough, but with the introduction of the Internet, smartphones and a cavalcade of other portable devices, the amount of information and entertainment your child is devouring each and everyday can leave […]

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Is there a market for kids’ games any more?

Nov 17, 2014 No Comments

It’s the latest dilemma for any modern-day parent. Should I let my child play video games? There have been countless studies out there arguing for and against the benefits of introducing our little ones to virtual characters on a screen. While some scientists say that video games are disruptive for sleeping patterns in children, asserting […]

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Mothers and Maternity Leave – The Facts

Nov 17, 2014 1 Comment

Becoming a mum is probably the biggest change you’ll ever experience. Among all the other things, you’ll need to think about your maternity leave and pay, but don’t let money worries spoil the time with your new baby. Free and impartial advice is available from the Money Advice Service. If you work, you’ll be entitled […]

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#DoraandFriends Twitter Party!

Nov 03, 2014 No Comments

Join me, and some other fabulous bloggers from 4pm-6pm on 3rd November as we have some Dora and Friends fun! Dora and Friends is a brand new show on Nick Jr which is premièring tonight! Simply follow #doraandfriends hashtag on Twitter tonight, there will fun and prizes galore!

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Ready Brek Easy Sachets – Keeping Tummy’s Warm This Winter!

Oct 16, 2014 No Comments

I have grown up with find memories of Ready Brek. I can remember my mother heating up a saucepan of milk on the hob, adding the Ready Brek powder, and even allowing me a sprinkle of sugar sometimes. It had this delicious smell, and the taste was delicious. It was warming, and I knew Winter […]

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Guest Post: Making meal times fun: a parent’s secret

Sep 25, 2014 No Comments

Regardless of what time the children arrive home from school or you get in from work, sitting down together as a family for your evening meal is very important. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn about what your little ones have been up to throughout the day whilst also ensuring they’re getting a good, wholesome […]

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