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My Cambridge Weight Plan Journey

Jun 15, 2014 2 Comments by

Just last week I wrote about how my weight loss journey was taking a new turn, a positive one, and probably the most positive I have ever made. For the past three days I have been living my new life the Cambridge Weight Plan way. I was under no illusion this would be easy…. Day […]

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#projectskinnypins continues…with Cambridge Weight Plan!

Jun 11, 2014 2 Comments by

Just a few weeks ago I told the world how I needed to lose weight. Since then I lost a pound with Weightwatcher, yes one measly pound despite counting points and being good. That isn’t very motivational is it? Ok, so I know it’s healthy, I get it….slow loss is awesome….but I want results, I […]

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How IKEA Made Our Life Better

May 26, 2014 1 Comment by

It’s a bold statement, but I can honestly say the title sums it up brilliantly. Just a few weekends ago, the team from Ikea overtook my house and created something utterly amazing that has made all of our lives better. I have always tried to be quite organised, but with four children it is not […]

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My Weight Loss Journey Begins #projectskinnypins

May 23, 2014 1 Comment

As a child I was slim, I had never been overweight as such, until I had children. After having my first son 12 years ago, I pinged back into my size 8 jeans. Then after having Brooke 10 years ago, it took a few months but I slimmed down to a size 10.   After […]

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Shreddies Coco Caramel Out Now

May 15, 2014 No Comments

Just a few weeks ago I received a present from The Knitting Nanas…yes the actual Knitting Nanas!   Yes, it’s my very own knitted box! How amazing?! Inside of course was a proper box of the knitted breakfast cereal. As with the usual shreddies, they are created with four layers of wholegrain. One bowl contains […]

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My visit to Morrisons as a #MorrisonsMum

May 11, 2014 No Comments

Last week Morrisons announced how it has reduced a large range of items to be cheaper, not just for a few weeks as a special offer, but permanently lower. As a challenge, Morrisons sent me £80 worth of vouchers for me to shop at my local store and see if it was any cheaper. Starting […]

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Next Summer Range Now Available

Apr 24, 2014 1 Comment

Last week, while enjoying the Easter holidays, me and two of my big small people popped down to Next HQ. Inside the sleek building, is a mock shop filled with the current Next range. Not only that, but as with all Next events, the children were welcomed in and had a blast playing and doing […]

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Sponsored Video: Those Glorious Nothing Days

Mar 24, 2014 No Comments

I absolutely adore those days where you have no plans but to spend time with the people you love the most. The ones where you can snuggle on the sofa and watch films, the ones where you can put face packs on each other and paint your nails in fluro colours. The children adore having […]

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Panasonic Brit Bloggers Imaging Workshop

Mar 19, 2014 No Comments

A few weeks ago I trundled off to Panasonic HQ. Not my usual day, which normally consists of looking after four children and many school runs. Instead I met up with some lovely bloggers and the Panasonic Team. I can now confirm that I have been chosen to be part of the Panasonic Brit Bloggers […]

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