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Pre-Christmas blues and how to fix them

Dec 18, 2013 No Comments by

Christmas is less than a month away, but while everyone else is full of festive spirit and gingerbread, you’re still not getting that message of goodwill. If you feel more like Scrooge than Santa, these five tips should have you rockin’ around the Christmas tree with the best of them. Put on your Christmas jumper […]

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How to deal with washing machine disasters

Dec 18, 2013 No Comments by

When it comes to household chores, doing the laundry seems to be the one that causes the most problems. So much can go wrong, from dyed clothes covered in paper lint to leaky seals, bouncy drums and nasty smells. Thankfully most of these issues can be rectified and prevented: here’s how to deal with a […]

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Developing Your Child’s Creativity Through Different Toys

Dec 11, 2013 No Comments by

As parents, we all want to help our child develop and grow, and, fortunately, there are plenty of educational toys out there which help make development that little bit easier. Children learn through creative play; it stimulates their minds and helps them to understand the world around them. Have you ever watched your child play […]

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Getting My Home Ready For Christmas

Dec 11, 2013 No Comments

Christmas is approaching, and there is nothing more exciting than getting the house ready for a cosy family Christmas. I have been scouring the shops and there is a vast range of sales already on, some with some big savings. First up, I have been looking at new sofas, I cannot think of anything better […]

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Mommy and Daughter Time

Dec 06, 2013 No Comments

A home spa day (or evening) is the perfect way for mother and daughter to spend time together. Ideal for birthdays, Mother’s Day or for getting into the festive spirit, a home spa day gives the opportunity to relax and pamper yourself in comfortable surroundings, without spending a fortune on expensive spa treatments. Whether the […]

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Nov 27, 2013 No Comments

When you buy your own holiday home, you’re not just purchasing your holiday accommodation. What many people don’t realise is that you also get added benefits that are exclusively for holiday home owners. Of course, a great holiday isn’t reliant on how fancy it is but exclusive facilities can make it that bit much luxurious. […]

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Top 5 Christmas Fancy Dress Costumes for Kids

Nov 26, 2013 No Comments

The festive season is coming and with it a whole load of celebrations. Kids love to get involved in the fun and a great way for them to enjoy their time over their Christmas holidays is for them to dress up with a festive themed costume. Fancy dress is great fun, and ranges like fancy […]

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I am SO excited for Christmas!

Oct 27, 2013 No Comments

As Christmas fast approaches, I have some friends who are gasping at the word, some who are in complete denial and some who have already bought and wrapped all their presents already. This year I am so excited it is unreal, excited for Christmas 2013 with my children. This time last year I was pregnant […]

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Children Embracing Technology

Oct 23, 2013 No Comments

With Christmas fast approaching I have been struggling with what to buy my two eldest children. They are very lucky to test out a lot of toys throughout the year, so their wish lists are pretty small and toys don’t seem to have the same appeal on Christmas morning any more. That’s when I come […]

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