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The adventures of the Stokke Newborn Set for Tripp Trapp

Feb 05, 2013 2 Comments by

When the Stokke Newborn Set turned up at the Parker residence for baby Emma I was intrigued to say the least. I am a big fan of the Tripp Trapp highchairs, they are amazing, so amazing that it will have it’s own blog post shortly….meanwhile though… The Stokke Newborn Set does exactly what it says, it […]

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#TEAMHONK Digital Postcard from Ghana #GOODWORK

Feb 05, 2013 3 Comments by

If you haven’t already seen the buzz around #Teamhonk then let me give you a little bit of info… #TeamHonk is made up of three amazing bloggers who are currently in Ghana for Comic Relief, they are visiting four projects which have been made possible for the people of Ghana by the money raised by […]

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Baby Swimming, my experience.

Jan 29, 2013 1 Comment by

Emma may only be 6 weeks old, but I am already thinking about starting her swimming lessons soon. Marky was not much older than that when he started his, and he loved them for quite some time. My reason for starting so young was because I didn’t want him to get a phobia of water, […]

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Getting Baby into a bedtime routine, my way!

Jan 28, 2013 1 Comment

Although Marky is only 2, I still can’t remember when he started going to bed and not staying downstairs with us. But I do remember him falling into routine with his older brother and sister. I had every intention to keep him up later, but he would get tired and settle easiest in his cot […]

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Ladybird by name….

Jan 22, 2013 4 Comments

My gorgeous new addition was officially named last week, and just like her older brother I wanted to give her a middle name which was ‘different’. So my baby was named…   Emma Ladybird Parker. It was complete fate that this season Next have a range of clothing to match my daughters name…and the lovely […]

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Sleepness nights rewarded by a smile…

Jan 21, 2013 No Comments

If you are a parent to a newborn, or have ever been a parent to a newborn then you will know that awful sleep deprivation feeling. It was pretty awful with my first child, but at least when I only had one child I could sleep when they slept and catch some z’s. However when you have […]

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Snowmen, Snowdinsoaur…the usual snowy day builds when you are 2.

Jan 21, 2013 No Comments

My two year old was massively excited to see the snow fall for the past 5 days and a snow day on Friday for all the children could only mean one thing…playing in the snow. Wrapped up warm, the kiddies couldn’t wait to get outside, but Marky was adamant he wanted a snow dinosaur. Luckily […]

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Snow Baby!

Jan 18, 2013 2 Comments

Here in the Cotswolds today we have already had 4 inches or so of thick lush white snow. With the schools shut, I decided to stay in the warm and hibernate….however the children had different ideas and decided to hit the garden for some snow fun. Emma is only 5 weeks old but she had […]

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Octonauts GUP E Toy in stock in the UK!

Jan 07, 2013 12 Comments

Marky is a massive Octonauts fan. We have it on Sky+ and DVD. He has books, magazines and of course the all important toys. For Christmas, Santa bought Marky a few ‘Gups’ to complete his collection….however one all important Gup was missing…the GUP E. The Gup E features in quite a few episodes of Octonauts, […]

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