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5 of the best Christmas parties ever

Nov 26, 2014 No Comments by

Christmas parties don’t have to be a drab affair, with tacky tinsel, a stale buffet and a small tab behind the bar. Take inspiration from these fun party ideas this year and get into the festive spirit with your colleagues, before you take a welcome break and don’t have to see them for a week […]

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In Case Of Emergency, My Back Up Plan!

Nov 25, 2014 1 Comment by

I like to think of myself as a prepared person, I try and budget a bit for unfortunate mishaps, but even the most prepared person can get stuck thinking ‘What are we going to do?’. Just a few years ago I was a single mum to two children, I had my own house and everything […]

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How Does Online Gaming Open Up People’s Social Circles?

Nov 25, 2014 No Comments by

Online gaming opens up your social circle like no other activity can. Keeping up with a social circle requires investing time, effort, and finances. Going to clubs, meeting friends for coffee or to watch a movie, or traveling to places to meet new people, these all costs money and your time. Both of which you […]

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5 Promises Every Woman Should Make To Her Friends

Nov 25, 2014 No Comments

Maintaining friendships can be hard sometimes, life gets in the way and you can find yourself looking at your diary in disbelief at just how much you have on. So it’s time to make some promises to your girl friends to help those friendships continue to grow! Studies have found that people’s social circles peak […]

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Making those important decisions

Nov 23, 2014 1 Comment

It is no big secret that I hate decisions, I am just not a decisive person. Back in my younger days, I was very much carefree, would act on things in a whim, totally irresponsible some might say. It was after a succession of stupid decisions that I finally decided I would avoid all decisions. […]

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Be the Coolest Mum Around: Win an iPhone 6

Nov 21, 2014 9 Comments

It’s hard to keep up with the latest kids trends these days. It used to be memorising your child’s favourite TV characters would be enough, but with the introduction of the Internet, smartphones and a cavalcade of other portable devices, the amount of information and entertainment your child is devouring each and everyday can leave […]

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Rubiks Cube UK Championships

Nov 20, 2014 No Comments

Can you complete the Rubiks cube? Nope, me neither. Now imagine trying to complete the Rubiks Cube with your feet….impossible hey? Well it’s not! On the 2nd November, 100 compeitors from 13 countries came together and competed in a variety of competitions. The event took place at University of Leicester, as Rubiks Cube celebrates their […]

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Barbie Tawny Horse Review

Nov 20, 2014 No Comments

We are massive Barbie lovers, and when the Tawny Horse arrived for review, Emma wasted no time in getting to her! Emma, like lots of other children, is a massive horse lover so I was excited to see if this had lots of play factor for a horse lover. Included in the box is Barbie, […]

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Is there a market for kids’ games any more?

Nov 17, 2014 No Comments

It’s the latest dilemma for any modern-day parent. Should I let my child play video games? There have been countless studies out there arguing for and against the benefits of introducing our little ones to virtual characters on a screen. While some scientists say that video games are disruptive for sleeping patterns in children, asserting […]

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