About Us

Blog by Baby is written by me, Danielle. I am a 28 year old mummy to four gorgeous children, the latest addition was born 12/12/12! My passion is writing, reading, baking and crafts. As a family we have just moved to the Cotswolds after living in Essex all my life. I have a determination to learn how to knit and use a sowing machine, I want to be a domestic goddess!

Let me introduce the troop….

J is my eldest at nearly 10 years old. He has Autism, ADHD, hypermobility and other special needs, but is the sweetest boy. He enjoys construction sets, films, arts and crafts and anything with wheels!  J also love the countryside, exploring and building dens.

Brooke is 7 and is very very girly! She loves the colour pink, anything fluffy and glittery and is a massive book worm. She is the neat one who takes great care of her clothes and folds them neatly in her drawers (she does not get that from me I can assure you!)

Mark is 2 and loves Peppa Pig, chocolate and singing songs.

Emma is one month old, and is quite content with just a belly full of milk and a comfy blanket.


I have been writing Blog by Baby for the past two years and have had some fantastic opportunities to work with many global brands as well as some fabulous smaller brands. I am always happy to hear from new people and brands. Would you like to get in touch? View our Contact page.

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