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Browsing through the toy catalogues is my 6 year old daughters most favourite things (along with turtles and tinned peaches..), she has eagerly been picking out toys that she thinks looks amazing, and Nestlings was one of them. With an RRP of £59.99, I was hoping that getting our hands on one of them would mean I could tell other parents that will be potentially buying one of these if it’s any good…so here goes.

Inside your box is one Nestling, it doesn’t come with batteries so make sure you have 3 x AAA batteries ready to go and a small philips screwdriver if you are buying one as a present. Once the batteries are inside, just slide the switch from OFF to ON and your Nestling comes alive. To me, this button is vital for a toy…nothing worse than not being able to switch them off at night and absolutely nothing worse than being woken up in the night with some strange murmuring from a toy and having to try and locate it at 2am (yes, I’ve been there!)

Now you have a working Nestling, the fun begins! With large eyes that light up so show how your Nestling is feeling and a cute little voice that chatters away. If you stroke your Nestling on the head this will activate it, and playing with it more means a special special surprise will happen…

Yes, play with your Nestling and once you put it on the special base that comes provided, it will release an egg from inside. The egg can then be opened to reveal baby Nestlings!

These Nestlings can then be used to interact with your large Nestling, hold them up to it and it will blow kisses to the babies. There is two babies and two eggs included with each Nestling and the best thing for me with this toy is that it is re-hatchable, not just once but again and again as many times as you want, just follow the instructions included to reset the hatching cycle.

So to summarise, do I think the Nestling is worth the price tag? If your child enjoys looking after small furry cute things and wants something to interact with and even hatch babies with time and time again, this is the perfect thing for them and is absolutely worth the RRP £59.99. Emma absolutely loves her Nestlings and the babies too!

We were sent the product featured for the purpose of this review, all thoughts are my own


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