Oregon Scientific – #SmartGlobe Myth Review

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A few months ago, my 16 year old son decided to tell my 5 and 8 year old that the earth was flat. He thought it was hilarious to make them think it was, but my 8 year old who likes to research general knowledge, decided to look into it a bit further and found all the conspiracy theories. Which is when I asked them ‘Don’t you have a globe at school?’, and the answer from all four children was no. I remember fondly being in primary school and being fascinated by globes, the shape, the spinning and being able to see where in the world every country was. It makes me wonder how do they teach geography in schools without a globe? A flat map, which is understandable why my autistic literal-thinking children think the world is flat.

That was until Oregon Scientific sent us a SmartGlobe Myth to review.

Not only did it start to teach the children about myths of a different kind but it has blown their flat world ideas into oblivion. First up to get their hands on the SmartGlobe was my five year old daughter Emma. She was absolutely fascinated with the globe and we spent a good hour just looking for different countries and discussing where they are, what the weather might be like and even picking out places we would like to visit.

It wasn’t for a good hour that she pressed the buttons (I thought I needed to go buy batteries) but it comes complete with 3 x AA batteries so you can play straight away. The SmartGlobe came to life instantly, saying hello and explaining that it has many stories and asking to be friends. Well that was it, Emma was instantly in love. She has never been one for audio stories but without fail she will spend ages listening to the SmartGlobe telling her one of its 10 Fairy Tales, or some of it’s 69 Earth facts and even likes to listen to the constellation myths such as ‘The story of Sagittarius’.

I never thought in a million years she would love a talking globe so much, but she won’t go to bed without it, and the handy nightlight brings something really magical to the usual round globe. 88 constellations to be seen on the globe. Dare I say she is even excited to go to bed sometimes, just because she loves seeing it in the dark and having it read her story after story.

My 5 year old daughter has become a huge globe fan, I cannot recommend this SmartGlobe enough, with it’s adjustable volume control, lights and all the features of the storytelling it is absolutely perfect for teaching children about the world in such a fun and exciting way.

But that’s not all, we still have lots more to explore with the SmartGlobe, it has AR (Augmented Reality) capabilities that we are yet to try out, but they look brilliant fun, with places and even dinosaurs popping up on the app.

I really believe every house should have a globe, and i’m kicking myself for not getting one before now. It’s a brilliant addition to the house. You can buy your own SmartGlobe from Amazon for RRP £39.99 (not an affiliate link).

We were sent the product featured for the purpose of this review, all thoughts are my own. 


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