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We are huge fans of Ezee Beads, we have created many fabulous creations over the past few years. From turtles to coasters, to Christmas decorations too. So when John Adams got in touch to say that they had created something new to Ezee Beads, that would be a whole new spin on the tradtional 2d shape making beads, I was intruiged…

I was not disappointed with the new range, they have come up with Ezee Beads Vehicles. You make the traditional 2D designs using the templates provided, but then after they are dry, you connect the pieces together, add axles and wheels and you have an actual moving vehicle!

We were sent two packs from the range, emergency vehicles and trucks. Opening up the box, we found beads, a board, templates, axles, wheels and tools.

Using the template, we placed the right beads in the right places (great for little humans hand eye coordination and also colour recognition too) We then sprayed the beads with the water bottle included (water isn’t included, you simply add your own from the tap…) and leave to dry. Once dry you can assemble your vehicle. My only slight issue is that the template does advise you need to do two of the same piece to have enough to assemble the vehicle, but you have to wait until the first one is dried and removed before you make another, and then have to wait for that to dry too. A board big enough to make two at the same time would of amazing.

Leaving ours overnight to dry, we woke up and started assembling. Here we have one lorry! Not bad for a first attempt I think…It actually rolls and moves like a proper lorry!

The kids have loved this new spin on their much loved Ezee Beads, it has bought something usually 2d and static to life. Great work John Adams! You can buy your own Ezee Beads Transport kits from Amazon and all good toy retailers.


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