Pretend To Bee: Unicorn!

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Unicorns are hot right now, they are everywhere and merchandise is being brought up by people of all ages, and my 4 year old is a massive fan! She has a toy unicorn she carries everywhere, but it’s just not the same as actually being a unicorn, something she dreams of…until now!

Yes, this is a dressing up outfit for children aged 3-7 years and is brilliant fun. What I love about this, is that it is actually a zip up style, meaning it doesn’t need to be squeezed over the head, it’s easy to put your child’s arms through and then zip it up to the desired zip height (is it just my child who hates zips near her neck?!) It has everything a unicorn could possibly want, including glittery shimmering wings, a cute fluffy tail, a fluffy mane and even a gold sparkly unicorn horn, just as every unicorn should. It is super soft material, and the unicorn head if soft and light, so it doesn’t weigh a child down or make it too uncomfortable to wear, Emma has been wearing this for hours and still not taken it off!

You can buy your very own Unicorn dressing up outfit from Pretend To Bee for the very reasonable price of £15.95, a bargain to be a priceless unicorn…


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  1. Dragon's Gap says:

    I must state unicorns have always been popular, not just now. I even write about them in my books and love everything to do with unicorns.

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