Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker Review

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My daughter absolutely adores a surprise egg, she will spend ages watching YouTube videos of people opening them and her little face when she opens one herself is just lovely to see. So what’s better than opening your own Chocolate Egg Surprises? Making your own Surprise eggs!

Opening the box, you get everything to be able to make two eggs at once.

The transparent looking moulds are exactly that, they open to let you put your desired egg inside. The egg comes apart into two parts, enabling you to fill them with your desired surprise.

Make sure you follow the instructions included, and this includes oiling each side of the mould (my first attempt I thought I didn’t need to, and when it was ready to come out, it broke in half) It might seem like something so simple it won’t be needed, but trust me it makes a huge difference to the end result, just a quick wipe over is enough.

Then just put the mould together, add the rubber seal and pop it into the machine and you are ready to add the good bit, the chocolate!

You get bags included with the maker, which you fill with your desired chocolate (none included in the box) and I have found that cheap chocolate buttons work just fine (personally Aldi ones have been great). You pop the bag of chocolate in a cup of warm water and wait for it to melt, then pop into the machine and squeeze the plunger…

Then just spin the mould to make sure the chocolate is coated over the whole egg, then the mould is ready to go into the freezer.

Then just wait patiently (I actually forgot and left mind in there for a few hours, but the result was one fine looking egg!

You get sheets of coloured foil included in the set, ready to wrap your egg and give to your chosen recipient.

Ready to unwrap and open…


You can buy your very own Chocolate Egg Surprise Maker from all good toy shops for an RRP of £29.99.


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