Anxiety in Children? Worry Plaque Review

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As a mother to four kids, two diagnosed with Autism, and another undergoing testing at the moment, I am always on the look out for anything that could help the children cope with what might be going on in their heads. My 7 year old is a sensitive soul, he has a diagnosis of ‘Aspergers’ and he does keep a lot of his feelings inside. He likes to spend time alone, rather than with other people, so having the Worry Plaque was a unique way that I have found that he can release his feelings and worries without having to interact with an actual person.

The worry plaque comes in lovely packaging. The actual Worry Plaque is a good size, it’s . It has a log look feel, which I find really adds to the ‘magic’, especially as we are big fans of ‘magic’ in terms of Christmas, Fairy’s and Elves, Mark even has his own Elf that delivers him packages for advent, so it ties in quite well. It’s really easy to attach to the wall, and even comes with a guide that you place on the wall to put the perfect holes to hang your Worry Plaque on.

The real magic starts when the child places their hand on the handprint, it lights up red to say it is listening, they can say whatever worries they have and magically the plaque turns green when the worry has gone. The words are so appropriate ‘A fairy’s magic, changes red to green, gone are your worries, never to be seen’.

I love that the kids can use the Worry Plaque whenever they like, and Mark has actually been telling me what he told the Worry Plaque, which is a great start to helping ease his anxiety. It gets a huge thumbs up from me and Mark!

You can buy your very own Worry Plaque from The Irish Fairy Door Company direct, or in Smyths.

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