Scooby Doo Mystery Mini Vehicles and Figures

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All of my children absolutely love Scooby Doo, we have been to see the live show at Butlins and onstage in London too. So when these Scooby Doo Mystery Mini Vehicles and Figures turned up for review, I knew the only issue would be getting the children to share them….

scooby doo rveiew

We were sent the Monster Trawler vehicle, that comes complete with one 2.5 inch figure. There is three vehicles available in total, including a monster catcher and a monster motorbike as well.

Our Monster Trawler had Scooby Doo with it, which is perfect as he is the favourite by far!

scooby doo monster trawler

The actual Monster Trawler has an RRP of just £9.99, which is SO reasonable! It has free rolling wheels underneath, so you can push it along easily, it also has two moving guns/shooters, one at the front and one at the back, perfect for shooting the enemies!

scooby doo 2

The actual boat is really sturdy, it has no flimsy parts and despite suffering from my rather rough children, it’s still as good as new. I love that there is no additional parts that they could lose.

You can also buy the figure packs too, for £4.99 you get an additional two figures. These have independently moving legs, a moving head and arms that also move independently from each other. This means you can really act out all the ghost hunting scenes that you want to. They are sold figures, and we are yet to have any limbs fall off, which is a really good sign with these kids!

There is more products from the Scooby Doo range, including larger 5 inch articulated figures, stackable soft toys, goo pod figures, playset and much more. Check out for the full range.

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