Happy Healthy 2017: Approaching Week One

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So just last week I wrote about my plans for 2017. The past three years I have spent on a dieting yo-yo. Going down by 3 stone and up by the same again. I thought that getting down to that weight would make me happier, but I don’t think it did. After all, losing weight is an automatic ticket to happiness.

I know I can lose the weight, that isn’t the hard part, it’s maintaining a healthy happy mind too. I am more focused on having a happy mindset, regardless of what weight that is, rather than losing weight again and being in a cloud of depression. So I have ditched the meal replacement plans I spent the last few years successfully losing weight on, and decided to get back onto Slimming World to start with. I like Slimming World as I have spent so much time following the plan and even being an admin on a group for Slimming World lovers, so I have the benefit of a large group of fellow people in the same position who share recipes and different ideas daily.

Here’s the big step, I have signed up to a women’s only gym, and some Boogie Bounce exercise classes too! This is a huge step for me, as in my depression last year I didn’t even want to walk into a supermarket alone, let alone go to the gym and work out where there are probably other people. I have lost so much confidence over the last few years, and I know I need to get some of it back. My joints are not the best in the world, with hypermobility they ache so badly just with light exercise, but I know if I can strengthen my muscles then it will help enormously. I also don’t have an active social life, so I think getting out of the house and maybe having small talk with someone might help too…if there is someone there to talk to that is!

So here is to week one. I’m going to try to be 100% on plan, and go for weigh in on a Monday every week. This will help me stay on plan on the usually awful weekends. I shall be keeping a weekly diary on here too, my highs and hopefully not too many lows… I am not going to focus on the weight so much, but obviously it’s a nice sign that everything is going the right way. I shall also be taking measurements too.

New Year, New Start…


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  1. Rach says:

    Ooo you can be my SW buddy 🙂 I started before Xmas and lost 4.5lb – probably put that all back on since Xmas though 😂🙈 xx

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