Our Summer Holiday Adventures…Part One.

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Like every parent out there, I have spent the holidays finding things for my kids to do while they are on their school summer holiday, it can be hard to fill the time, keeping children amused can also be mega expensive too! So when I saw my 11 year old daughter message her dad saying we hadn’t done anything, well it hurt, a lot. So I decided an online log would be amazing, so I can show her exactly what we have done and make her realise just how lucky she is, as I genuinely would of loved to have done these things when I was her age.

So the first week we went on a trip to London to see Ice Age Collision Course at a special screening where we got enjoy a lovely Pizza Express lunch before meeting some characters and watch the film at Century Fox HQ.

Our venue for today's film #pizzaexpressiceage

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Ahhhh meeting #pizzaexpressiceage scratch and sid!

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So proud of my little people, they have all been amazing for me today ❀

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Then the first whole week of the holidays we went to Butlins! Not a review holiday, all saved and paid for, and let me tell you it was a saving mission. It is not a cheap destination but one that the children all adore. It’s not a relaxing holiday but a complete fun from start to finish, and we just love it!

We've arrived!

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We stayed in the Ocean Hotel which overlooks the fairground…

*fist pump* didn't get the car park view!

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We went on the fairground rides every single day…


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I even paid an extra Β£30 for Brooke to have a dance class with Diversity, which she rocked!

Brooke just had a dance class with #diversity and she loved it!

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Then of course there is the costs of buying the official photos, keyring, fridge magnet etc…

We ate ice cream from the ice cream parlour everyday…

I scream, you scream…we all scream for….

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We went to the beach, to town for a spot of shopping, and out for dinner every single night…

Consoling myself with cocktails…

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It was a great, but very exhausting holiday (for me and my bank account). There was so much to do, this is only just a few moments!

Last day…it's been fun!

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That weekend when we got back we went exploring to hunt out some local parks…

Sunny afternoon fun πŸ˜€

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So the second week was going to be a bit of an anti climax, I knew that. But I booked to take the kids to see ‘Finding Dory’ at the local cinema in 3d, of course popcorn and chocolate is compulsory cinema snacks…

cinema finding dory

We loved Finding Dory so much!

The next day was a bit of a nightmare, a trip to our favourite animal park was dampened by rain as we got there, not a problem I thought, I’ll drive to the fish and chip shop and we can have a car picnic until it clears, only the chip shop has closed down. So we ended up at KFC..

kfc trip

with some Krispy Kreme doughnuts to ease our pain of a ruined day..every one got to pick their favourite (I picked Nutella filled, smalls chose sprinkle rings, Brooke picked Strawberries and Cream and Jordan chose Biscoff). On the way home an impromptu stop at the book shop, each child got to pick a book too.

After a ruined day of plans…we decided only krispy Kreme could make it better…

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We have visited Granny a few times, everyday we have been out in our garden, something I totally appreciate having. I have been growing pumpkins and we harvested our first one!

Marks impressed with our first pumpkin πŸ˜€πŸŽƒ shame it's a bit early…but 14 more growing πŸ˜ƒβ˜ΊπŸŽƒ

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πŸ˜€ one from earlier…

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and of course there is egg collecting to be done every day too…as we own four chickens.

collected eggs

Exhausted yet? I am…but last weekend I decided to take Brooke and Emma on a country adventure. I wasn’t sure where I was going to be honest, but we live in the Cotswolds so it seems really silly not to explore it more. So we went down a bridal way to see what was at the end..

A beautiful afternoon stroll….

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But then we got to this, as someone who was bought up in town this scared me, loads!

Then found this and pooped myself that I had to get me, kids and pushchair across…

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I panicked as I had the pushchair, Emma and Brooke, what if I got the pushchair stuck as a train was coming? There isn’t a flat section to walk straight over either, it was actual tracks. So I decided to walk Brooke over, come back and take Emma out of the pushchair, take her over in my arms, come back over and collect pushchair. It was a nerve wracking time as although I know it’s not a super busy line, it still has frequent trains. But we made it *high five!*

But then we kinda got lost…

Across the railway tracks and we kinda got lost…

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But it was all part of the adventure…

And did I mention how hot it was…lost…in the fields…

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Eventually spied some houses in the distance!

Found what looks like a village in the distance, there's hope!

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Ended up finding a road, but not before finding a locked farmers gate and realising that I have probably been trespassing, whoops… had to lift the girls over the gate and the pushchair too, but we made it!

All in a days fun, right?!

So that bring us up to this week, and so far we have…

Been to the Splash Park and play area in Witney

It's a busy park kinda afternoon!

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They're coming…

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with a stop at the shop for treats after.

Then Brooke got to stay at Grannys for the day, as she was fed up of her little sister wanting to play with her everyday. Then two days ago we went to our favourite place, Birdland. We are season ticket holders for a second year and we are so so lucky to have this nearby. It’s a great day out.

We get to see penguins close up

We even get to get up close and personal with some tortoises and snakes…


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The boy sure does love a snake 🐍

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This time knowing the fish and chip shop was shut we took a picnic…

birdland picnic

It really is a fabulous day out with parks, and so much to see..

Lovely day with the kiddies, dinosaur hunting (pokemon catching πŸ˜‰)

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after that we stopped in the town (Bourton on the water) for an ice cream too.

Yesterday was a bit more of a chilled day, with a trip to town to run some errands, the kids ended up buying some small treats in the toy shop, getting a McDonalds treat lunch and then we visited a new (to us) park on the way home…

Phew. So that brings us up until today, we are having a chilled morning and then off to see Granny later and probably visit another new park, after all you can never have too many park visits, right?!

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