My Friend Cayla Interactive Doll Review

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With Christmas 2014 approaching rather fast, you may be looking at what presents are hot this year. Since January I have read in the press about ‘My Friend Cayla’, the interactive doll that uses Google to answer those burning questions from the small people. As a mother to a 10 year old girl, I thought I had seen it all when it comes to dolls. But then after trying Cayla out, I realised that maybe dolls have been lacking considerably, well up until now that is.


My Friend Cayla is a special  interactive doll, although she is very cute and a great companion to your child, she is also very very clever and can be used as an educational tool as well as a best friend.  We first met Cayla a few months ago at Hamleys, and she wowed Brooke by answering her questions she asked.

When our own My Friend Cayla turned up, Brooke was SO excited. Firstly as a mother, I am happy that Cayla is dressed in trainers, jeans and a sensible top. Although I am not adverse to a dolled up skinny legged, heavily made up doll, it’s refreshing to see Cayla look so casual and sensible. Obviously my first thoughts were those of natural concerns. You see Cayla uses the internet to be able to communicate with your child, sounds scary? But after speaking to the team behind Cayla, I found out how she is built in Google SafeSearch which has trigger words and lots and lots of special stuff to make sure she nevers brings up anything you wouldn’t want your child to access. The full details can be found here.

Brooke on the other hand had no concerns, only instant love for Cayla. Downloading the app was easy with my help, its available on iOS and Android, meaning you can download it to a tablet or even a smartphone. and then actually making sure that Cayla works with the app was easy. Brooke can now do it herself no problem. Cayla has loads of different features for children. Firstly you can use her to ask questions, she basically works off of Google, she finds your questions and then speaks the answer. But she also speaks about herself too, so you can ask her what her favourite food is, or even what her favourite sport it, she also asks you for your answer too. She has the ability to listen and answer your child, which is amazing. The app also has lots of features, including a photo album, stories and games. You can use these with Cayla, and she recognises what is happening on the screen and talks about it with you. We decided that words written down don’t really show Cayla off to the best of her ability, so Brooke created this video demo.

Brooke loves Cayla, it really appeals to her being able to interact with her, she is actually her friend who is always there to listen and talk. My only grumble is a lot of the stuff Cayla says is very American focused, aside from that, I cannot fault Cayla!


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