12 Weeks Baby Emma is growing!

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Tomorrow my baby girl will be 3 whole months old. It has gone so quickly, yet at the same time it feels like she has always been with us, as part of our family. She has slotted in quite well, with all of the children in awe of her. Even the toddler hasn’t shown any jealously, whenever he sees her he says ‘Ahhhh, it’s OK baby emsywemsy’. It melts my heart that he has adapted so well.

emma 12 weeks

I can’t really complain about the lack of sleep, as she is sleeping from 7pm until 4-5am. I just wish I could learn to go to bed earlier as staying up until midnight is a killer! But the evenings are the only time I find I can anything done, bottles need doing, house needs tidying, uniforms and clothes need sorting for the following day. Having four children has made me realise just how unorganised¬†I am, and that has got to change.

The newborn fall-asleep-wherever stage has long gone, she rarely naps during the day, saving her sleeps for night time. She just seems to have grown up so much it’s unreal. Her personality is shining through already, laughing at Peppa Pig on the TV, giggling when you pull certain faces and she hates laying down in peoples arms. She likes to see what is going on all the time, and is keen to bear weight on her feet. She know what she likes, and more importantly what she doesn’t! It appears her pink fluffy blanket is her favourite and will not sleep without it, which is slightly annoying as it was only a few quid and I spent a lot more money on some beautiful knitted blankets for her.

emma 11 weeks

Clothes wise she is in 3-6 months, but they fit her perfectly as she has been in them for a good few weeks. There is no way they will last her until 6 months, so I am going to invest in some 6-9 shortly! I love buying her new clothes, after having a boy last time I can indulge this time in girly clothes. But I am not a fan of pastel pinks, I like bright funky clothes for her

My baby is growing up far too quick, I really want to savour every last second with her…

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