The adventures of the Stokke Newborn Set for Tripp Trapp

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When the Stokke Newborn Set turned up at the Parker residence for baby Emma I was intrigued to say the least. I am a big fan of the Tripp Trapp highchairs, they are amazing, so amazing that it will have it’s own blog post shortly….meanwhile though…

The Stokke Newborn Set does exactly what it says, it allows you use the Tripp Trapp for a newborn baby until they are old enough to sit in the actual Tripp Trapp. The exact specifications is from birth up to 9kg.

stokke tripp trapp purple newborn seat

Opening up the box, the Newborn Seat is already assembled. It simply slots on the top of the Tripp Trapp backrest and locks with a click. There is a colour indicator on the side, so you can ensure it is positioned correctly before you pop your precious baby in.


Once locked in place, it is sturdy, there is no wobble at all. I have complete faith in it with my precious newborn baby. The straps simply need adjusting to suit your child and that’s it, it’s ready for use. You can also use the Newborn Set as a stand alone seat, it has a cleverly designed base which means it rocks when situated on the floor.

The cover of the seat is removable  this means you can wash it, which will be handy for when we start weaning. You can also buy additional covers, we have a set on order.  The five point harness is completely adjustable  so you can get the exact fit your baby. The cute little animal design on the harness clip is one of the little Stokke touches that I adore.

stokke newborn seat straps

The toy hanger comes included, it is removable, which is handy, but Emma loves watching her toys above her. It will be handy when she is a little bigger and can actually bat the toy too.

So why buy the Newborn Seat? Three simple words, PARENT CHILD INTERACTION. This seat enables your baby to sit with you at the dining table, bringing them into your world rather than leaving them on the floor like standard baby seats. Once your child is within the Tripp Trapp Newborn Seat they can watch you, learn from you and feel close to you. They can be part of the family from birth, joining in those important meal times, even when they are not even eating food yet. Emma loves seeing us, and seeing her siblings too. She takes comfort from being close to us, and vice versa. It’s not just at the table where the height feature comes in handy, I use the Tripp Trapp with Newborn Seat in the kitchen when I am cooking and washing up. We have a little chat and more often than not I sing to her, although most of the time Emma seems to find her seat so comfortable (and my conversation pretty boring I expect) that she falls into a contended sleep.

stokke newborn seat set

I love the Newborn Set and the Tripp Trapp that enables this set to work together like a match made in heaven, it gives a massive thumbs up from me and a happy gurgle and gummy grin from Emma.

14 weeks

You can find out more about Stokke, as well as your nearest stockist online at

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