Losing money when an accident is not your fault.

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11 years ago I was pregnant with my eldest son. The day before my due date there was a knock at the door, opening it I found my boyfriend on the doorstep with his arm in a sling. He had tripped over at work and landed on his shoulder. A trip to hospital later and he was found to have a broken bone, the collarbone to be precise. It meant that he couldn’t return to work, and he couldn’t even drive. My eldest was born just a few days later, and him having unplanned time off work for 8 weeks was not what we needed at that particular time, all he was entitled to was statutory sick pay which didn’t even cover our food bill.

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My now 10 year old son.


It seems that our experience was not a one off, many companies are only offering statutory sick pay as anything extra is not a legal requirement. The recession has hit many people hard, especially companies. They are struggling like the best of us, and many are doing all they can to stay afloat which may well mean only making the legal required payments both for sick pay and holiday pay.

You are probably fully aware of the ‘where there is blame there is a claim’ motto, but it really is true. If you have had an accident at work speak to First4Lawyers Nottingham who can tell you if you are eligible to claim for personal injury in the workplace. It could mean that you can claim for the loss of earnings that you have incurred while off work due to the injury. It obviously won’t make the injury any better but it would make finances a lot easier. We claimed for personal injury and it meant that we could pay off the credit cards we had used to get us through the tricky times of poor sick pay.


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