Pregnancy Diary: 41 Weeks and still just a bump!

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I think I have been waiting long enough to meet my baby by now, but she clearly has other ideas. Despite never going into spontaneous labour, I was always holding on to that glimmer of hope that I might suddenly start contractions. But that tiny glimmer of hope is fading fast…clearly my body just doesn’t labour naturally. My previous consultant told me that my body doesn’t produce the hormone needed to labour, but there was always a part of me that wanted to hope he was wrong…clearly that man was right!

So what’s next then? Well I just have to ride it out until Wednesday when I see my midwife, then she will hopefully book me in for induction. She told me they don’t leave me past 42 weeks, so fingers crossed they are true to their word! Having been induced with all my previous three babies, I know that sometimes it can take days for me to get into active labour. I was 16 days overdue with my daughter as a combination of ‘delivery suite shortage’ and only being allowed three lots of prostin gel a day, meant I was in hospital for a few days prior to having her.

Meanwhile I am pretty damn fed up. With my last pregnancy I was comfortable and didn’t mind going overdue at all. I was getting a good nights sleep, but this time I am having awful broken nights but at least that’s good training for baby waking for feeds in the night I suppose! My feet and hands are swollen, and ruddy hurt, people keep asking why I don’t go for a couple of miles walking, and in all honesty the sickness, the swollen feet and aching legs are my main reasons, oh and the fact that I have tried all of these previously and they never bloody worked is why I am staying firmly inside my house. Oh and then there is the fact that my hubby is at work, walking a few miles into the countryside when it is -2 outside, with three children while heavily pregnant probably isn’t the best idea!

So what’s the plan? Well I am planning a cosy weekend inside the house with my babies, Christmas films, some Christmas baking, and hopefully crack the Christmas decorations out of the loft when hubby is home tomorrow. ¬†Oh and then there is making sure I have everything ready to take to hospital next week, and then there is building up the courage to give birth, I will be honest, I am feeling rather nervous at the prospect of squeezing another 10lb baby out…..maybe I should be thankful she is still inside, safe and snug.

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5 Responses to “Pregnancy Diary: 41 Weeks and still just a bump!”

  1. Mummiafelice says:

    Aww I really feel for you. I went 8 days overdue and the last few weeks were horrible. Good luck on Wednesday! I’m trying not to stalk you on Twitter but can’t wait to hear your good news! All the best lovely xxxxx

  2. Elaine Livingstone says:

    I hated playing the waiting game, dont want to make plans, or go anywhere, or start doing much cos you are worried you cant finish what you started. Also hate the fact people keep asking “are you not better yet” (stupid Scottish expression – I wasnt ill)

    good luck when it happens

  3. Susan Mann says:

    Really feel for you. Good luck honey and hope you don’t have long left to go hugs xxx

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