Baby on the way? Nope, maybe not…

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Yesterday afternoon my contractions started, they were manageable with breathing techniques but I thought as hospital was so far away that I better get assessed…the midwifes agreed. I got to the hospital after an hours drive and they found I was contracting, my cervix was 2cm dilated and nice and soft, central position. However, it wasn’t progressing much more. They also took emergency blood and found out my iron levels are still low, so low that I cannot give birth in the midwife led unit, and will need a cannula put in for drugs during labour. They decided to take me up to a private room where I could hopefully get some sleep and contract in peace. As the midwife explained, I would be like a stick of dynamite once it kicked off, and there would be no time to even get to delivery suite.

The pains eased down a little in the night, and sleep was awful as Mr P was snoring very loudly on the floor. But after being examined in the night and in the morning, nothing seems to have changed. Hooked up to the monitoring equipment, the pain was getting awful, but as soon as I could get up it eased off. After a long walk round the hospital and some mild pains still coming, the doctor came in to assess the situation. I say assess, all he did was look at the notes the midwifes had been taking. He said that my cervix is ready, I don’t need to be induced as the cervix is open ready for my waters to be broken, but there is no medical need to break them (apart from being overdue) especially as he says that labour will happen naturally over the next day or so……

and so we wait…and bounce…..

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  1. Joanne Dodd says:

    aww in the nicest possible way I hope you are in pain again soon & your little one makes a speedy arrival

  2. Bex @ the Mummy Adventure says:

    Hope something happens soon! x

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