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I am a firm believer in quality over quantity, but it’s always great to find this is true with the products we test out. Trutex recently sent me some school uniform for J to try out. This consisted of a pair of trousers, a polo shirt and a red jumper. Now all school uniform does seem to look the same when you buy it, but I think the real test is a child wearing it, abusing it, and us mums washing it.

It has now been a good whole month of me washing it, J playing football in it, and sometimes refusing to get out of it (he is a boy, what can I say?) and it is still looking brilliant. The polo shirt compared to a supermarket brand one on the washing line is visibly different. It is a lot thicker than the cheaper brands, and it seems to wash up better as a result. The trousers feature Teflon, which is rather handy for those stains! Again, they are a good quality material and despite my 10 year old autistic son abusing them, they have remained hole free and stain free.

Finally, and rather importantly, the red school jumper we were sent has stayed a sharp bright red. It hasn’t faded like the cheap supermarket brands, and the elastic on the sleeves and waist is still as tight as it was, where as other brands have slacked other time of washing.

I honestly believe Trutex school uniform is different to cheaper supermarket brands, the quality means you are buying once, not multiple times like I find I do when I buy cheaper! If you want uniform that will last the school year, Trutex is the one for you!

Trutex has been supplying school uniforms since 1865.  Based in the heart of the Ribble Valley, Lancashire we supply school and independent retailers throughout the UK.  Parents can purchase from us if their child’s school is signed up to our Trutex Direct scheme or they can purchase from one of our retail customers who can be found by clicking on the following link

I was not paid to write this review,all thoughts are my own. I did receive one set of school uniform as stated in the review, for reviewing purposes. 


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  1. Jess says:

    Very good for primary uniforms. However, when you begin to buy for secondary pupils, 2 sets of sports kit, socks, 2 blouses, a fleece and a jumper will cost upwards of £150. Combined with higher shipping costs, many people struggle. If only the uniform was available elsewhere. But only on Trutex. Great for primary, but not secondary it seems.

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