Pregnancy Diary: Nearly 40 weeks!!!

Nov 23, 2012 2 Comments by

So Wednesday was the midwife, and I was expecting nothing…and I got…… nothing.

They checked the usual, measured my bump (measuring 41 weeks) checked position (not back to back, whoop!) and 4/5 engaged. But my iron levels are dangerously low. So low in fact, that they will not induce me until they are higher. I have been on Ferrous Sulphate tablets for about a month now, but the problem is my sickness has returned and I cannot keep food down very well…which means tablets are not staying down. Catch 22.  The risk to me to lose a normal blood loss from labour while my iron levels are so low is dangerous apparently. If I do labour naturally and my iron levels are still low 8, then they said I will probably have a transfusion…a scary prospect when I hate needles.

But remember, I have never laboured naturally. My previous consultant said that the chances are that my body just doesn’t produce the hormones needed to kick start labour. My next appointment isn’t with the midwife for two whole weeks, in which time I will be 10 days overdue.

So I am lacking sleep, to the point where this morning I cried, lots. I am so so tired and just want to sleep, it’s been 6 nights now,  my indigestion is so bad that even sitting up, with an empty belly is not helping.  I have tried everything, from Gaviscon, Gaviscon Advance, double action, standard, rennies tablets and even zantac! So enough was enough and off I trotted to the doctors this morning. I now have a new prescription of even stronger stuff, but it wasn’t without hassle. The doctor had to ring a obstetrician at the hospital to make sure they were ok to be taken. I hope they work quickly, cos damn I want some sleep!!

Meanwhile I  have been having aches and pains. Lots of pains, which is a good sign. But I am trying desperately not to get my hopes up and am resigning myself to the fact that I will still be pregnant in 2 weeks time and going into hospital for induction!

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2 Responses to “Pregnancy Diary: Nearly 40 weeks!!!”

  1. WENDY MCDONALD (@wendymcd83) says:

    You poor girl, Danielle. My heart goes out to you, I thought yesterday was going to be the day. I hope it’s all over as quickly, painlessly and safely as possible and you can meet that little girl….and plaster pics on FB for me to coo over! xxx

  2. Bex @ the Mummy Adventure says:

    Hope something happens soon as there is you must be getting so uncomfortable! Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your lovely baby girl very soon x

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