Pregnancy Diary: 14 weeks

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The last few weeks have gone slowly, and I have no idea why, maybe it’s because my dating scans have dated me back a few days.

On a positive note the sunny weather has given me a spring in my step, and I finally have some energy back. My house is looking gleaming! I am now in the second trimester, which is usually when things do perk up regarding the tiredness.

As for the HG, I have been managing it well. Last weekend I had let my stomach get empty, which is always a trigger for sickness. I find eating little and often is the cure for keeping my stomach settled. However, this morning I was walking through the supermarket when out of nowhere I was sick down one of the aisles. Major embarrassment, I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. Normally I get some kind of warning that it is coming, but this was sudden and actually quite scary! Thankfully my children were at school and nursery, so didn’t witness the ordeal! And with it being early, the only spectator was the shelf stacker, poor man.

The topic of discussion for most people who know I am pregnant is what the sex of the baby is. A few people have had a ‘guess’ from looking at my scans. I will be finding out at the 20 week scan, which is only 6 weeks away! Until then there will be no talk of baby names, that’s a whole new blog post entirely…

So a few stats for how the baby is developing.

Taken from Emmas Diary:

By week fourteen your baby may be contentedly sucking its thumb, squinting and frowning. Brain impulses will send messages to the baby’s facial muscles causing them to change expression and workout. The downy hair, or lanugo, continues to grow over the body to supply extra warmth.Your baby is now the size of a small lemon, about 3.5 inches/9cm long and 1.5 ounces in weight. The pancreas and kidneys are continuing to develop and produce hormones and urine. The liver starts to secrete bile and the spleen helps in the production of red blood cells. Your little fighter is punching and kicking with tiny fists and feet.

It’s amazing to think that my little baby who is the size of a lemon and weighs just 1.5oz can do all of that!! I have my next midwife appointment in two weeks, so hopefully I will get to hear the heartbeat.

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  1. Kelly Wiffin says:

    I was very lucky when I was pregnant with my daughter, I felt sick but was never sick. Glad that your energy levels have come back, mine didn’t..they still haven’t now and my daughter is two! x

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