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Last week Morrisons held a special event at a cookery school where me and some other fabulous bloggers were given the oppourtunity to attend a launch to see what the new M Savers range entailed, and even get a bit hands on with it!  I love cooking, and any opportunity to show off my culinary skills *cough cough* and I am there. 

The event started off with a cooking demo from one of Morrisons food development chefs, Richard. He explained how the products are so cheap and what they had in mind for the range. Obviously budget food is somewhat a taboo subject, some people love it, some people hate it. But you can’t deny there is a certain stigma attached with it. But these items are not just cheap scrapping’s, these are decent products. Ok so the vegetables might be different shapes to what you might see in an expensive bag, but it’s still the same vegetable. Who are we to discriminate against something just because it’s not the ‘right size’? There is a place within my heart for shapeless food, and at the prices of the M Savers range, I am even more inclined to purchase it. Money saving expert Sarah Willingham was there to give us her top tips as well as explain how budgeting and meal planning teamed with savvy buys is the way forward for everyone. 
Morrisons research found that food inflation has gone up 26% but with wages only going up 8.5%, it’s no wonder more and more people are struggling when it comes to supermarket bills. So with this in mind Morrisons also created some recipe cards using the M Savers range of products, where you can cook some delicious nutritious meals for your family. The Morrisons chef gave us a great demo of one of the recipes, then it was our turn to create one of the meals each! 

Unfortunately for me I was in the company of experienced cook Michelle from UtterlyScrummy and Hannah Wong from as well as Romanian Mum. I can tell you now, I might of looked like I knew what I was doing if I was in the company of my children, but with these cooking experts alongside me, my lack of skills were very visible! But I got stuck in, and with a little help from Michelle and the chef, I created Pork Chops with parsnip mash and honey glazed vegetables. 
The other lovely ladies also created some delicious meals and I had a great time sampling them all! 
I trotted off home having had a fabulous evening, and was keen to try out the recipes for myself. 
First up was Salmon and Pesto Fish Cakes, Carrots and Peas. This recipe serves 2, although I found it fed the children as well as it made 9 fat fish cakes.  
1 packet of Salmon trimmings 98p
600g potatoes. 
half a jar of pesto 190g 80p, half of it = 40p. 
100g breadcrumbs 10p (I have these already in the freezer which is what I blitz up from the crusts of the loafs that no one eats!)
150g carrots – 10p
100g peas. – 10p 
That brings the total cost of the meal to £2, served between two people is £1 per portion. Although I worked it out that it was 40p per portion here as we had enough for all 5 of us! 
This is a really easy recipe, you simple peel and dice the potatoes and boil them,
Then mash them, add the chopped salmon..
add the pesto and stir…
Then simply shape into fishcakes and roll in breadcrumbs, they say you can roll them in a little flour and use a beaten egg to help the breadcrumbs stick, but I didn’t and they were fine. 

Then fry in a little oil and pop in the oven for 10 minutes. Cook your vegetables and serve! 
Now I can promise you I am no expert in the kitchen, but I managed this fine, it was a breeze! They tasted great and the whole family tucked in and enjoyed them! You don’t have to be a fantastic cook to enjoy these recipes.The best bit obviously is the price, this recipe and all the others are fantastic prices for feeding your brood! 
M Savers can be found in all Morrisons stores now. You can find this recipe and loads more online at 

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  1. Elaine Livingstone says:

    >glad you enjoyed the evening, and as you say a piece of fruit or veg doesnt have any less nutrition just cos its not a perfect shape

  2. Missing Sleep says:

    >I so need to learn to cook on a budget (oh and maybe just the cook part too!), so enjoyed reading 🙂 x

  3. Danielle Parker says:

    >It really is a great set of recipes, I am probably the worlds worst cook yet can manage it fine 🙂

  4. Danielle Parker says:

    >very very true! 🙂

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