>My Baby is 2!

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>That’s right, baby Marky is a whopping 2 years old! Now I was going to tell you the birth story of how Mark entered the world, after all I know how much a lot of you love One Born Every Minute, but I figured it would bring back far too many memories of labour, and it probably wouldn’t make great reading. Being my third child I am surprised he didn’t come out with a sneeze…..so instead I thought I would reminisce on the lovely things we have experienced since Marky was born.

Marky entered the world at 12.20am on Thursday 11th Feburary 2010 after a 2 hour labour. He weighed 9lb 13oz and he immediately stretched out his long legs, well he had been cramped up for 9 and a half months! Marky was never much of a cry baby, he would grunt more than cry if he wanted something.

Just a few minutes old. 

So how did we come up with the name Mark? I won’t lie, it was not my choice. My older children are called Jordan and Brooke, so are very different from the name Mark! Mr Blog by Baby has 3 best mates all called Mark, so it was always going to be Mark. I knew how important it was to him to call our son Mark, and I figured it could be a lot worse. I know when Mark is older it will be a great name for a professional in a good job, it has a certain sound about it.. My choice of name for Mark was Apollo. I love the name Apollo, and he looked even more like an Apollo when he was born..

A never seen before photo of me and Mark just a few hours after he was born.

Mark was a very content baby, he would sleep for hours and wake only for a feed or a play. I forgot how easy babies were to deal with! Mark always slept well, and on the rare occasion he did wake in the night, I actually enjoyed the night feeds, it had been many years since I had experienced the baby stage!

A chunky Marky, still with his hospital tags on.

Before Mark was born we had a 3d scan done of him, and it was so clear, this just shoes how brilliant they are…

When Marky was just a few months old we started him at Waterbabies where he was dunked under the water and learnt to swim! It was a brilliant experience and we have a super large canvas on our living room wall of this picture…

Marky grew up far too quickly, despite me cherishing every single moment, I knew it would go far too quickly..

and it wasn’t long before he was on the go…

Then it was Markys first Christmas….he loved the wrapping paper….

Then it was Markys 1st Birthday!

Marky was walking, then running, growing more independent by the day!

It was when Marky was 1 that I started blogging, and ever since I have had an online record of the things we have got up to, it has been a brilliant way to log it all down. I can’t wait to show him his blog when he is older, although I do slightly fear that blogs will be dated by then, a bit like an Atari is to use nowadays!

Here was Marky with his birthday cake yesterday, a whole two years old….

My baby may no longer be a ‘baby’, but he will always be my little baby!

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  1. Emmysmummy says:

    >Happy birthday Marky.
    It does go far to quickly Xx great pics

  2. Sarahmumof3 says:

    >aww happy birthday mark! blogs really are a wonderful way to keep track of all the fun times and happenings in life 🙂 x

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