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>Brooke was delighted to recieve a Wild Science Lip Balm Labatory to test out, her older brother loves science toys but as this is very girly, she knew she wouldn’t have to share. It was also a great chance to spend some girly time together with me and my only daughter.

The box was very clear to show what you could achieve from the set, the graphics appealed to Brooke as she loves anything girly and pink.

The luscious new Lip Balm Laboratory, allows girls to make their own fruity lip protectors, shimmering balms and most importantly solar lip screens to protect against UV rays. Using industry-standard ingredients, girls can create an infinite variety of custom bases that can be displayed in a real compact.

Opening up the box we found the following contents:

It does look quite daunting, but we set everything up and sat down to read the instrcutions

The instructions were clear and very easy to follow…we decided to start off with a basic lipbalm to see how we would get on.

I love the tray provided for the contents, it keeps everything in once place and means its easy to find each item when you need them. We did find that the gloves that come complete with the set were a little large for Brookes tiny hands, they are adult size gloves, but it wasn’t a massive problem and they still kept her protected well.

To make the basic lip balm you simply put one scoop with the big spoon from the pot of Soy Ester and pop it in the beaker provided.
Add 12 drops of the baby oil that comes in a little bottle and add about 12 of the wax beads.

You then add some cold water to the large beaker and heat it in the microwave, this I decided to do for Brooke. You then simply pop the small beaker with the contents inside the large beaker. This will melt the contents.

Then it’s ready! You simply pour the liquid into the empty compact that comes provided. There is also space in the Balmy Sample Wheel, but Brooke was adamant that she wanted them in here!

The lip balm is then done! It really is super simple. We felt confident that we could then tackle the luxury lipbalms, as all you do is add flavour and colour to the basic mixture.

Here is Brookes completed basic Lip Balms!

Brooke loves this set, it gives her a great chance to work at something to create something that she can be proud of.  It was easy to follow and great fun. As a parent I love that the set slips back into the box to tidy away easily, nothing can get lost!  There is also lots of contents included, so there is plenty of stock to make many lip balms. Included in the instructions is also lots of facts about the ingredients, what they are made from as well as instructions of how to test the UV lip balm with the balls that come provided, we are yet to try this one out though, but it looks great fun.

Interplay Wild Science Lip Balm Laboratory is available from http://www.wallystoys.co.uk/ for £12.99. It’s a great price for a set that offers plenty of scope for play and learning.

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