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>Just before Christmas I was sent a Unibond Humidity Absorber to try out. Living in a 4 year old new build house I was pretty sure that we don’t have a damp problem, however I am a firm believe in prevention rather than cure!

Opening up the package I found the following contents…

There is two tablets included, as well as the actual humidity absorber device for them to sit inside.
Putting the device together was simple, you just pop the white vented plastic part on top of the frosted plastic part. You then simply drop a tablet inside the top, then put on the white lid.

Here is what Unibond say about the Humidity absorber

Everyday activities such as cooking and taking a shower can produce up to 12 litres of unwanted moisture or humidity in the air each day. Moisture then condenses in areas with poor air circulation, and can cause condensation, mould, increased allergens in the air, and musty-smelling rooms.UniBond’s Humidity Absorber helps combat the effects of unwanted moisture. Its Power Tab refills use innovative 2in1 technology to absorb excess humidity and neutralise bad odours. Place the refill into the device and watch as excess humidity is converted into a salty solution, which is collected in the device – the first drops appear within 24 hours! When the Power Tab refill has dissolved after 6-8 weeks, simply pour the solution into a toilet by using the device’s spout, and replace the Power Tab with the UniBond Humidity Absorber Large Refill.
This device is ideal for rooms that are up to 20m2, such as kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. The anti-spill system prevents spills and leaks, and it has a security clip to ensure that it closes perfectly; allowing you to place this device around your home in the confidence that excess humidity will remain trapped in the device until you pour it away.
Don’t let your house become a sponge. Use one of UniBond’s new Humidity Absorbers to combat excess humidity and neutralise odours.
• Absorbs excess humidity and neutralises odours. • Helps combat condensation, mould and mildew, damp rooms, and allergens in the air. • Ideal for use in larger rooms of up to 20m2, such as living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, and rooms with poor air circulation (e.g. cellars, garages, lofts etc). • Each 2in1 Power Tab lasts for 6-8 weeks. When it has fully dissolved, replace with the UniBond Humidity Absorber Large Refill. • Includes: 1 x Device and 2 x 450g Power Tab 2in1 refills.

Our house is quite open plan, but I placed our Humidity Absorber in the Living Room. When I woke up the next day I was shocked to see blue liquid in the bottom of the Humidity Absorber! There clearly is moisture in our house which I didn’t even realise!

Here is what the liquid looks like:

Check out Unibond official site at http://www.isyourhomeasponge.com/, it’s a real eye opener!! Prevention is most definitely better than cure!!

You can buy Unibond Humidity Absorbers from Robert Dyas online at www.robertdyas.co.uk

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4 Responses to “>Unibond – Humidity Absorber Review”

  1. Elaine Livingstone says:

    >right excuse me for being cynical here – using the figures they quote – 12 litres of unwanted moisture a day – lasts for 6-8 weeks ( lets call it 7 for the sake of the math) – 7days for 7 weeks times 12 litres a day and you only empty the container at the end of the tablet – then their storage container must either be bigger than my living room just about ( 7*7*12 = 588ltrs) ….hmmmm their own math just does not add up – sorry did say I was being cynical.

  2. James Baker says:

    >Elaine, they aren't claiming that the device absorbs 12 litres of water per day – they're saying that each household produces up to 12 litres of water per day. That's why they also say that you should replace the Power Tab either after 6/8 weeks or when the device is full (whichever happens first), as they acknowledge that it might fill up earlier than 6/8 weeks if the house has high moisture levels. The website is really good for explaining some of these facts.

  3. Elaine Livingstone says:

    >James so I was interpreting wrong then, I will pop over to the website and have a look, thank you, makes more sense now.

  4. Val Vearncombe says:

    Where do I get a replacement tablet ?

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