>New year, new diet! Your tips are welcome!

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>Since giving birth to Marky I have gained weight, now I know I am meant to have lost it, but it doesn’t always work like that!!
When I had my first child J, at the tender age of 18 I could still fit in my size 8 jeans despite being 9 months pregnant. I pinged back into shape easily without an ounce of dieting as I was just pure baby bump with a 9lb 14oz baby!
When I had my second child Brooke I was 21 and my weight ballooned, the areas most affected were my bum and legs. A few months after having Brooke I was running a pub single handed, and neatly trimmed down to a size 10, which I was happy with.

Then I fell pregnant with Marky in 2010 and ballooned up to a size 14/16. It was probably a mixture of working in a office job and going on early maternity leave, where I spent all day in bed snoozing while the kids were at school. I ate for England, and having a hubby who loves his food I joined him in his feasts of naughty foods. Once I had Marky I realised I had 2 stone to lose but I wasn’t really fussed about losing it. I tried a couple of times to lose weight, but my half-hearted attempt was poor.

Last summer holiday was the breaking point. Seeing our holiday snaps I wondered who that fat woman was, then it dawned on me, that fat woman was me!! So I started Thinking Slimmer, which was fantastic! However I had a poorly time late last year and stopped it.

So what’s the plan for this year? Well this week has seen the start of my weight loss. I was contemplating a meal replacement system, but as I am trying to teach the children about the importance of a healthy diet, I decided this probably isn’t a good idea. So I have devised my own diet, lets be realistic here, we all know how to lose weight, you eat less and do more exercise. I understand that some people need the motivation of a weekly meeting, but its just not for me.
So I am making an effort to do more exercise, we kicked off the week with an unexpected 5 mile walk. I came back feeling revitalised, not tired in the least! Although that could of been the adrenalin!

I would love to hear your tips for dieting, please feel free to comment with any hints or tips, I would LOVE to hear them!

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  1. Mel Hearn says:

    >After my next baby is born I will be heading back to slimming world. I really enjoyed it last time and lost 2 stone in about 4 months without feeling really hungry but then found out I was pregnant with baby no 1!

  2. Loren Peabody says:

    >I have 2 stone to lose(ish) and this week have started by doing a meal plan ive done "week 1" and "week 2" and have them pinned up inside my kitchen cupboards. Breakfast is a sachet of porridge(portion control is one thing i cant do and i always do huge portions so the sachets are great as the portions are done for me) with a drink of water, juice or squash, snack of fruit or carrot/cucumber sticks again with a drink, lunch of a small portion of homemade soup(frozen in portions) with a drink, mid afternoon snack, fruit or veg depending on what the morning snack was with a drink, a healthy tea trying to concentrate on portion control with a drink, then when the kids are in bed a weight watchers hot chocolate or made up as a milkshake to satisfy my sweet tooth and chocolate craving. So far im doing well, its really helping me not having to think about food, I know whats for tea, and snacks etc, so im not thinking about unhealthy foods and snacks. Plus will be saving money as can do my weekly shopping list and only buy the ingrediants for the food plan and not what i fancy at the time, and junk 🙂 xxx

  3. Faye says:

    >Stop doing the Nigella and raiding the fridge in your silky nightie in the middle of the night and you'll be fine!!

  4. hamppy tabb says:

    >Last summer holiday was the breaking point. Seeing our holiday snaps I wondered who that fat woman was, then it dawned on me, that fat woman was me!! So I started Thinking Slimmer, which was fantastic.
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