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>When I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing some cctv so I could spy on my children, I jumped at the chance! Ok, so it’s not actually meant to be an invasion of privacy, but it is meant to be a great way to help keep your children safe.

My eldest son J has autism and adhd, and cannot be left for a moment. He is 9 years old, with a mental age of a lot lower. J has no sense of fear and often acts impulsively. I have tried my hardest to ‘J-Proof’ the house, but he will always find something that he shouldn’t be doing. It often means that he cannot do some activities as I need to be able to supervise, and with two other children, that is not always easy.

When my Kid Cam turned up, I was surprised to see such a small box. Inside everything was neatly laid out with a booklet of instructions that is far from daunting. You simply plug each camera into a wall socket in the desired room. There is no trailing of wires as each camera is wireless.

The cameras have a range of 100m to pair up with the base, which I am sure if more than sufficient, unless you are lucky enough to live in a very very large house.

You then plug the companion screen into a socket where you are and hey presto-it works!! It has rechargeable batteries, so you can use it wireless too.

The cameras have sound too, which I have found particular handy as I have taken to using one of the cameras as a baby monitor for baby Marky. In the evening we have it downstairs to keep an eye on him, then we simply unplug the monitor and take it upstairs to bed with us.

You can chose to have the screen with both of the cameras on it, or you can chose to have just one of the cameras on view. It is easy to change with just one button to change the view to your desired camera. The screen size is 11cm.

Each of the camera have night vision which has been fantastic at night time, and even bedtime. J will use any excuse he can to not go to bed, and will often stay up playing with toys. Well now I can see what he is up to and shout the trusty ‘Go back to bed’ to him.
The cameras are easy to move, you can simply unplug the camera and move to another socket in a desired room. Included with the cameras is mounts, which mean if you use them then you can position the cameras exactly where you want it. These have also have suction facilities, very handy for popping onto the patio doors!

The uses of the Kid Cam is exhaustive, it will be brilliant at letting J and Brooke play in the garden in the summer, when Mark is inside. It will also be fantastic for me to watch Mark napping while I am in the garden too! It means that J can play LEGO in his bedroom, while I amuse my toddler downstairs. It really has made out lives so much easier!
You can even use these inside the car, simply by purchasing an adapter kit so you can see what the children are up to without having to take your eyes from the road.

You can buy these, and other monitoring systems online at:  http://www.storageoptions.com/products/cams/baby-and-child/kidcam

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