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>As you lovely lot may be aware, Marky has had major problems with shoes. He is flat footed and his ankles have started to turn over the inside of his shoes, meaning they get rung down very quickly. It also means that Mark finds shoes painful as they dig in the side of his ankle. I am a firm believer of putting Mark into soft bottomed shoes, to allow his feet to be in as natural position as possible.

Inch Blue have created their shoe range with all of the important things in mind…

 We understand your baby’s feet aren’t just smaller versions of your own, they’re a completely different shape.   They’re softer and plumper with hardly any hard bone in them at all.  
Inch Blue baby shoes have been designed to give total comfort for little growing feet. They are made exclusively from soft natural leather allowing your baby’s feet to breathe.  And they’re not just for babies, Inch Blue make baby shoes for toddlers and children aged up to 6 years, which make them ideal for use in nurseries. All Inch Blue shoes are hand made in the UK and are endorsed by:
M.E.A.Ch MCSRx Chiropodist and Reflexologist

Inch Blue have really excelled themselves, they have a massive range of styles, colours and themes. There really is a shoe for every child and every occasion. Each shoe is made of the softest breathable leather and are handmade in the UK.

I was sent a pair for Marky to try out, and was pleased to see the gorgeous quality of the shoes. The detail is amazing. They have suede bottoms, which means they are non slip even on our tiled floors. They have eleasticated ankles which are not too tight to restrict a childs movement, yet they keep the shoe on brilliantly. Marky has big feet, he measures up at a size 8, which is not far off my 7 year old daughters feet!! But as Inch Blue do shoes for older children, this is perfect.

I was delighted when Mark saw them and said ‘Frog’, he then sat down and asked me to put them on, he then paraded them proudly around while pointing and saying ‘Frog shoooooes!’ He loves his frog shoes, and he obviously finds them comfortable, because I know he would refuse to wear them otherwise!!

Mark is delighted with his Inch Blue shoes, and so am I! They are top quality shoes that he loves and that I love too!

You can check out the full range of Inch Blue shoes, suitable from birth at www.inch-blue.co.uk 

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