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>Big Energy week has kicked off today with some fantastic advice from a large range of different organisations which have teamed up with Southern Electric http://www.southern-electric.co.uk/bigenergyweek  . Running from 16th January right through to 21st January 2012, Big Energy Week isn’t just about tips to help you save energy, there is a wealth of information about grants available for loft insulation, extra help for people on low incomes and lots more.

Southern Electric is committed to helping their customers save both energy and money, and have come up with a special iplan to help you do just that. iplan is a revoluntary new energy product which helps you plan your energy use to suit you. It also tracks how much energy you have saved, as well as saving you money by cutting your bills. You also get a free Smart Energy Kit when you join. Find out more about the iplan here: http://www.southern-electric.co.uk/iplan/

I have always been curious to see how energy effeicent my house is, and now you can too! Simply visit https://www.southern-electric.co.uk/energyefficiencysurvey/  and fill out the simple form, which asks details about your house, which type of fuel your house uses and a few other simple questions.
I was pleased to see that my energy rating is C.

My house was built 4 years ago and we have cavity wall insulation as well as hefty loft insulation. However the survey also gave me some fantastic advice on further ways to save energy. I currently have my boiler set to constant. This was on advice from the last repair man who came and fixed the boiler, they told me to simply leave it on constantly and just adjust the temperature via the thermostat which is located at the bottom of the stairs. This is in fact eating away valuable energy which is wasting me money! I have since programmed my heating to come on at specific times, which will help cut our bills. Why not check yours and see how you can save too.

I am feeling rather smug with all my new energy tips, and there is even more to discover too. Southern Electric is supporting Big Energy Week – an advice week coordinated by Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Scotland to give practical advice to people across the country to help them spend less on heating and powering their home. There is a wealth of knowledge which can be found at http://www.southern-electric.co.uk/BeingGreen/EnergySavingTips/
Some of my favourites include cooking tips, I am a keen cook and tips such as these are brilliant;

‘When cooking vegetables, only use enough water to cover the food and put a lid on the saucepan’

‘Cut food into smaller pieces before cooking to help it cook quicker’

‘Turn down the gas as soon as the water boils’

And there is even tips to help with your washing, using the dishwasher, as well as using your fridge and freezer;

‘Don’t put your fridge or freezer next to a cooker or in the sun. Make sure air can circulate around the back.’

‘Load and unload the fridge as quickly as possible. Don’t leave the fridge door open for longer than you need to.’

‘Never put hot food in a fridge or freezer. Let it cool first.’

There is loads more, it is really worth a visit to see if there is something that you can do to save energy and reduce your bills! http://www.southern-electric.co.uk/BeingGreen/EnergySavingTips/

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